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Nowe Państwo. Niezależna Gazeta Polska
Book Issues > Polish speaker needed - Niezależna Gazeta Polska and other Magazines

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message 1: by Redangel333 (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments Maybe a project for someone speaking Polish. The author is not a real authorin all of the Niezależna Gazeta Polska entries.
The number is not the author, and sometimes there are double entries as it seems:
Nr 134

There seems to be another gazette or magazine that is affected as well:
not sure with this one:

message 2: by Empress (last edited Oct 06, 2017 04:00PM) (new)

Empress (the_empress) wow!!!

I think all of these should be deleted. From what I am reading this is a quarterly magazine and I can't find any ISBN numbers assigned to the issues. Here is the wiki for that magazine. Few excerpts from that page:
New State - a sociopolitical-oriented political journal, published March 15, 1993 [1]
New State" was published as a weekly until the end of 2001, and later appeared as a monthly. Since 2006 it has been published as a quarterly.

And here is what the manual says:
The following is a list of items that should not be added to the database:
* Magazines

Since I have been wrong before about these I would suggest get another opinion, but instead of posting to the project folder I would suggest you either repost in the this topic or email goodreads directly. Or alternatively move this to the Book issues folder since I think the first question here is if this should stay in the database.

If it is decided they should stay the authors can be merged into this one: Nowe Państwo, until an editor name is found.

message 3: by Redangel333 (last edited Oct 07, 2017 12:21AM) (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments Moved it to book issues, you are probably right there is a higher chance for help there.
I was unsure if they qualify for a periodical which would be allowed.

message 4: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13731 comments Redangel333 wrote: "Moved it to book issues, you are probably right there is a higher chance for help there.
I was unsure if they qualify for a periodical which would be allowed."

Periodicals are not allowed (in general). I believe only literary magazines published like a book, with an ISBN, qualify.

message 5: by Redangel333 (last edited Oct 07, 2017 01:37AM) (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments But the manual says periodicals would qualify as books: under the section these are books.

Someone would need to clarify if the mentioned works qualify as beeing in here or not, and if they are not meant to be here I think only staff can delete them. Or should they be NABed then? I am confused.

message 6: by lethe (last edited Oct 07, 2017 02:21AM) (new)

lethe | 13731 comments It says "periodicals without ISBNs but substantially similar to books (e.g., perfectbound literary magazines)"

The literary is important, and also that they should have a spine (i.e. they should look like a paperback).

F.e., Granta is allowed, but The New Yorker isn't. (Granta is maybe not the best example, because it indeed does have an ISBN. But I don't know any examples which fit into the quoted definition.)

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