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message 1: by Dr. Amaranth (new)

Dr. Amaranth Crisp and Chilling October to you all, Delicious Friends. I am loath to leave the Lord of the Flies discussion where it stands, but we must move on to darker things. Please revisit it if you find the time.
Instead of a novel, this time we will be reading five short stories. Some are ventures into classic horror, some are creepy pasta, and at least one inspired a legacy and female fan following that it might not have strictly speaking deserved. I leave it to your judgment.
1. The Black Cat by Edgar Allen Poe
2. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson
3. Jeff the Killer by Unknown
4. Candle Cove by Kris Straub
My original pick for the fifth entry was longer than preferable. I am looking at shorter selections and if you know of any, please recommend them. I was hoping for existential horror, a classic fairy tale or urban legend or something very bad.
However, good news, Delicious Friends. All of these are available online and for free. I'll provide some links, later.
As usual, please comment in this discussion to let me know you have read it. Furthermore, My Sweets, do enjoy your new pseudonyms. The month of October is a time for strange masks.
Happy Hallow's Month, Ghoulish Ones.

message 2: by Dr. Amaranth (new)

Dr. Amaranth For those of you unaware: Creepypasta is a term that originates from "copy+paste". I am sure all of you have encountered youtube comments that threaten the reader to repost the comment or face a gruesome death. The term has come to refer to a scary story that is presented as if it were not fictional, like an urban legend or a campfire story. Jeff the Killer is one of the more iconic figures from internet horror lore, similar to but not quite as popular as Slenderman. Jeff the Killer does sport a more significant female following, which I cannot actually explain.

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