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Even though Trevor’s father, Robert, did not want a child, after Trevor was born, he wanted to be a part of his life. Trevor’s father’s name did not appear on his birth certificate, and for the first years of Trevor’s life, he could not call his father “Dad” or “Father”, nor could he be seen in public with him. When Trevor was 13, his father moved away, and he lost touch with him. Later when Trevor was 24, his mother encouraged him to reconnect with him.

What was Trevor’s relationship like with his father as a child? What was there relationship like after they reconnected?

What did you think about Robert? From what we learn about him in Born a Crime, what kind of a person was he?

Anna (iudita) | 450 comments I thought Trevor was purposely a bit vague about his dad. We got some information but not too much. I think his dad was probably a decent enough guy. He did send them money when Trevor was young (am I remembering that correctly?) It doesn't sound like they were very close which is no surprise under the circumstances. By North American standards, we would probably consider his dad a bit of a deadbeat but you really have to take into account the time and place that Trevor was born into. His dad couldn't publicly acknowledge him as a son and they never seemed to develop much of a connection considering they didn't see each other much. I actually wished he had said more about his dad in the book because saying as little as he did speaks volumes.

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