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Vita & Virginia [2018]

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message 1: by Sarah (last edited Oct 06, 2017 10:34AM) (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Elizabeth Debicki and Isabella Rossellini have joined the cast of Virginia Woolf biopic Vita & Virginia:
Debicki... will play Woolf opposite Gemma Arterton in the period drama... Rossellini’s involvement had not been previously announced... Set in 1920s London, Vita & Virginia is the sophomore feature of director Chanya Button, following 2015 comedy drama Burn Burn Burn. It is written by Button and Eileen Atkins, based on the veteran actress’ play, which was first performed in London in October 1993 and off Broadway in November 1994 and was based on the love letters between Sackville-West and Woolf. Button describes the film as 'a fresh, provocative study of creativity, passion, sex and sexuality'.
The film is scheduled to begin production on location in Ireland in September. Rupert Penry-Jones and Peter Ferdinando also star. French actress Eva Green had originally been announced to play Woolf in the biopic back in February.

message 2: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments It does not explain who Rosselini will portray.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Ottoline Morrell I suspect. I love Isabella Rossellini.

message 4: by Joe (last edited Oct 09, 2017 09:08AM) (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
I like Rossellini too but can't see her as Ott . I'd cast Helen Mirren. Janet McTeer would be good as Vita as she slam dunked it as Vita in the movie "Portrait of a Marriage"

" Portrait of a Marriage Vita Sackville-West and Harold Nicolson by Nigel Nicolson

message 5: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
I can see her as Ottoline. She can have a very exotic, eccentric and imperious way about her. Perhaps she is an older Vita?

message 6: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments I'd say Maggie Smith for Ottoline.
I see that Eileen Atkins is one of the writers. I am surprised they did not cast her as Virginia (considering she used to do that one-woman show.) I suppose they needed a young actress.

message 7: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
They will need to keep the age spread advisably accurate . Ott was born in 1873 , Virginia 1882 and Vita 1892 . 20 year spread

"Virginia and Vita first met at a dinner party hosted by Virginia’s brother-in-law, Clive Bell, on December 14, 1922."

The affair ended c1928 so that puts Ott at approx 56 yrs old . Looks like we need someone younger then Mirren or Smith.

message 8: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Joe,
If you can do all that math so seemingly effortlessly, you obviously must have a lot of time on your hands! (No, actually, I am in awe of how you got right to the heart of the issue. You should direct!)

Alas, poor Maggie. The sands of time are slipping past...
However, with a bit of skillful makeup, I do believe Helen Mirren could pull off 56, no problem.

message 9: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
I hadn't realised there was only a decade's difference between Ottoline and Virginia. For some reason they seemed further apart in my head (though not quite Maggie Smith lol). Thanks, Joe.

message 10: by Joe (last edited Oct 10, 2017 11:07AM) (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Don't laugh! I think Mary Steenburgen would be a great Ott . I DO have time on my hands Silvio, I'm retired :) .. although I DO spend a lot of time scanning photos onto my website and approving photos posted by others. I also spend alot of time chair dancing to great sounds and singing . So time for calculating age spreads is a piece of cake .

Sarah , I know , everyone is the same age in my mind crazy as it seems.Age spread isn't something I considered. Laurie is 12 yrs younger than me so I suppose I live an ageless existence .

message 11: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments I think Mary Steenburgen probably could pull it off, but I would prefer a "real" English person. Too bad Joan Greenwood (Importance of Being Ernest) is no longer with us and it is 50 years too late for the appropriate age.

Ditto Julie Walters (Mrs. Weasley).

So let me get this straight: we are looking for an actress who is currently in her 30s?

message 12: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Yeah ,but Greenwood would be pushing 100 yrs now if alive ( RIP Joan I liked your acting) Julie Waters looks good for 67 so "maybe"?

Vita would be 30 ish when the affair started ( 1922) Ott 50ish . I agree should be from England.

ok after hard casting research I have picked

Vita - Rachel Weisz
Virginia -Emily Blunt
Ottoline - Kristin Scott Thomas

message 13: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
I think Kristin Scott Thomas is too "straight" (speaking in terms of depiction of personality) to play Ottoline. But, hey, she's an actress - she could be capable of anything, I've just not witnessed it. Ottoline was real weird - even weird for Leonard. I mean, she was a friend but even he was like: "Ehhhh..." Possibly Emma Thompson?

message 14: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Yeah ..Ott was a whackadoodle for sure . She will be tough to cast but out there somewhere is a Ott waiting to be found . The search continues .

message 15: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments I believe I read somewhere that Aldous Huxley's CHROME YELLOW satirized Lady Ottoline and her country home. It is rather cruel. I believe it was one of his first novels, so he had not quite yet become the Huxley that we think of.

I think Emma Thompson would be perfect. We know she can do wacky from her Professor Sybill Trelawney character in Harry Potter. (And if we are too highbrow to be familiar with the Harry Potter movies, we are missing something delightful.) (Just saying.)

message 16: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Yes, it was her role as Trelawney that I had in mind. I still need to read Chrome Yellow. Isn't it mandatory for one to be a liberal mix of grand and mad in order to be a wealthy benefactor?

Here's an article on a shoot for V&V happening in Dublin - apparently they got the wrong Trinity? ;) According to this, Rossellini is Woolf. Flash forward, flash back format I assume:

message 17: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Well, all I can say is they better not try to do anything creative with Rossellini's nose or I will be grumping on this site for months to come!

I grant you, she has her mother's rather snub nose rather than Virginia's exquisitely shaped nose, but a real nose is always better than a fake nose! (No political pun intended there...really.)

message 18: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Here's an article with photos and descriptions from the filming that went on at Trinity:

message 19: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Thanks Sarah! So then "starring Gemma Arterton and Rupert Penry-Jones" Really ? Virginia & Leonard? Looks more like Vita & Leonard. Interesting .

message 20: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Ha! I think Rupert Penry-Jones's a bit conventionally handsome to be playing ol' Len. I don't remember if I've read who's playing him...

message 21: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments So this is Trinity College, Ireland, standing in for Cambridge University? (Doesn't Cambridge have a Trinity College also?--sorry, I am confused!)

message 22: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Right, I don't know if they're using Trinity to stand in for Trinity (which would be weird) or just for a period background.

message 23: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Well it can't be any weirder than having Baltimore stand in for Seattle in Sleepless in...Seattle.

Or for that matter, having Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore again; we love to make movies...) stand in for Harvard because Harvard would not give permission to film the fictionalized story of the birth of Facebook (The Social Network).

message 24: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
I also prefer the original location be used, if possible. If I know something isn't filmed where it was set or there are geographical inconsistencies, it takes me right out. I'm so silly, I once saw a film with a scene on the Thames and either the dialogue was switched up in editing or they'd had to film several takes and, therefore, you got weird anomalies like Butler's Wharf sitting right next to Big Ben, "Ack! EIGH!!". I could no longer concentrate on what the actors were talking about. It's a clinical condition. Now, because you are so special (and definitely not because it has anything to do with anything), I gift to you Al Pacino's cockney accent:

message 25: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Okay, "The Local Stigmatic" (what the hell does that MEAN?) is indeed a "rare and enigmatic" performance.

Pacino's accent: You know, much of it was him channeling Michael Caine but then suddenly remembering he was Godfather Jr. But it was not as bad as some of those people in the comments said. Definitely not in a league (for badness) with Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins! I would say it was a valiant effort.

See, he just can't completely lose his Sicilian New York ATTITUDE, no matter how good his pronunciation may be, and no matter how good a method actor he is (which he is.)

But the WRITING of that script was just bonkers. Then I read the description of the plot in IMDB and I see that it is a play about two sociopaths who engage in random violence. Okay. Now it makes sense. They start with greyhounds and progress from there.

All in all, a very refreshing departure most other stuff one encounters on Goodreads! :)

And thank you for calling me "special."

message 26: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
So, the graph of the line "I can't afford this!" intercepted the slope of "I can't miss this!" at the: "Let's pop down for the last day of the Charleston Festival." point and I heard it from Juliet Nicolson, VSW's granddaughter, that Isabella Rossellini is playing Vita's mother :) TA-DA!

message 27: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments So you are going (already went) to the last day of the Charleston (SC) festival?

Or are you in England attending the Charleston Festival? You have totally lost me on that graph.

Whoever Isabella is portraying, I am sure she will do a memorable job.

message 28: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Hoo hoo, I wish! I barely had enough money to limp down to South Carolina, let alone allow me to run free through the blue green paradise of the South Downs... but oh, just the thought of it makes my coffee taste nicer...

Yes, quite looking forward to her performance. She will always be my favourite Athena :)

message 29: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Sarah. If you intersect the line "hitchike,backpack., camp,". Then possibly the resulting correlation will make it work

message 30: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Now, Joe, don't be encouraging Sarah to hitchhike. That way lies madness in our current culture.

It's not like back in Leonard's day when he hit the road with all his pals with just a rucksack full of books, and slept in rustic pubs after drinking a few pints of ale and singing old songs.

These days the roads are full of nutcases. Anyway, Sarah deserves to arrive in a limo after drinking chilled champagne with her dear friends on the way to the festival.

A Sugar Daddy (or Mama) is what is required. Please see to it.

message 31: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
On second thought hitchiking probably isnt safe ( hmm why did I think that?). . Yeah The times have changed . So sad. I use to hitch from south Jersey to Newport Ri for the Folk Festival. Easy peasy back in the day.
Ok , if Sarah is going to go "Bloomsbury Style" .she will need to take the train, a bus or taxi. At least theres options. As for the sugar daddy or mommy .. wait until this Federal tax plan is resloved .

message 32: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Well, I don't have high hopes for the champagne if she takes the train. Maybe an RC Cola and a Moon Pie, if she is lucky.

I would suggest Uber except for their recent fall from grace. You don't even find the right level of good karma these days from advertising on Craigslist.

I suppose the trouble with hitching is that back in the day (yes, I remember that day), freaks all looked similar so they would pick each other up on the highway and it was a matter of kindred spirits.

Now if somebody looks like a hippie, from one's 60-whatever-year-old perspective, they look like a kook, and we, of course, are no longer kooks ourselves.

I suppose once there are self-driving cars, perhaps one could hack the algorithm to convince the car to pick one up. Someone will invent an app for that.

Until then, I still vote for the sugar-person and the limo with the champagne.

message 33: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
When I first bought a ticket to London, at the age of 17, I flew in January and the cost was $250. Less than 20 years later, the same ticket costs nearly 10 times that much. It was a few years ago I had to accept that flying to the UK was no longer financially viable for person in my income bracket. So, goodbye London. Thankfully, my husband and I lead student tours of Europe during the summer school holidays. I wish I could convince our travel company of the educational merit of a day trip to Sussex ;) We are currently saving up our travel points for our next company subsidized personal holiday. Though it is Marc’s turn to choose and I think it will probably be Greece – oh DARN.

message 34: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments yes, I remember in the early 70s (my college years) I had friends who flew Icelandic Airlines to England and it cost about a hundred bucks round trip. (it made a stop in Iceland.) what a fool I was to have missed out on that!

message 35: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Actually, I hear Icelandic is still a great deal. Quite a few of my friends travel down to Florida to fly out because apparently you can get great prices for Britain. Of course being near a major metropolitan city helps.

message 36: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Here's a couple casual photos of Isabella during the Dublin filming:

message 37: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
More on the Dublin filming with photos of Gemma Arterton, playing Vita, in costume:

message 38: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
Oo! This article has quite a nice promo photo from the film: Very atmospheric.

message 39: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Oh! that photo perfectly captures each woman's personality. On the left, Virginia's slouch forward with the damn cigarette and the old lady shoes, and Vita's artfully draped dress, off one shoulder, pearls, and bobbed hair. Perfect.

I can't wait to see this movie. And let me briefly note, Virginia's nose, at least from this distance, looks uncontroversial (thank you very much.)

Last night I watched a classic starring Isabella's mother, Ingrid Bergman: The Bells of St. Mary's. In it, she sings a little song about spring IN SWEDISH. One of my favorite movie moments.

message 40: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
These amusing paparazzi articles appear in my inbox daily now the V&V filming is in full swing:

I have re-written it with myself as the star to live out my Hollywood dreams. I invite you to try the same and see if it is as satisfying for you as it was for me:
American fantasist Sarah Bynum cut an effortlessly chic figure as she enjoyed a shopping spree at the Piggly Wiggly in Burgaw on Friday.

Greying redhaired beauty: The 35-year-old Poli-Sci-History major flaunted her natural beauty as her long split end hair badly in need of a cut framed her stunning facial features - which bore a neutral palette of unvarnished skin.

The "Bloomsbury Group and Friends" moderator carried a 5lb bag of milled grits while she strutted the aisles in a stylish ensemble suited for the rural country of the southern US.

The would-be artist strolled the parking lot in her teal converse and a wool-polyester blend pea coat, adorned copiously with the hair of five different cats.

She accessorised with a cloth "British Library: I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie" tote for a practical yet brainy finished look.

The star was recently seen in forthcoming drama "Family Christmas at Mom's", alongside Australian actor Geoffrey Rush, as she cranked up the volume on "Pirates of the Caribbean" in a futile attempt to drown out her 16 year old sister who was blasting Panic at the Disco! upstairs.

message 41: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Brava, Sarah!

A quantum lap of improvement to that tabloid bit of fluff! And although I have never laid eyes on you, I must say that your description of yourself sounds like it is right on the money! (And thank you for mentioning grits. My heart pines for the Carolinas (South, in my case.)

And not to dwell on the tabloid bit of fluff, but that copper dress was not "stunning" on Gemma Atherton. The halter neckline was absurd; the length was dowdy (just below the knee) and the hem had NOT been ironed to a razor-sharp fold; it looked like it was sewn while on vacation at the beach by hand without benefit of an electric iron or ironing board. So there.

I will say that its sparse mention of co-star (Virginia), Elizabeth Debicki (no picture), reminded me that I want to re-watch her previous movie, The Night Manager. It starred Hugh Laurie in a serious but not snarky role (worlds away from his characters, House, as well as Bertie Wooster), and is an excellent thriller. I forgot all about her. This will be a good prelude to watching the actual Vita and Virginia movie.

Well, as always, I am indebted to your for enticing me to read trashy online tabloid articles while pretending to be scholarly.

A Happy New Year to you!

message 42: by Sarah (last edited Jan 03, 2018 12:32PM) (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
I feel bad for her. Imagine not being able to walk out the door without someone lying in wait to critically analyse everything you wear and everything about you and then publish it and the unsolicited photos to the world. I guess it comes with the territory and there are people who do dress up to be photographed - but what if you're just nipping out for a carton of milk? It's ridiculous. My idea of hell.

(Edit: I have a lot of different ideas of hell kicking around in my imagination.)

message 43: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Well, yes, touchee. (I don't know how to get the french "e" in there...) It's a good thing I am not a tabloid "reporter" because I would be merciless.

I too give thanks every time I go through the shopping aisle that I am obscure and not famous because as uneventful as my life is, it would indeed be hell to have somebody documenting it for the public (while they are nipping out for a carton of milk. It's so unfair.)

message 44: by Sarah (new)

Sarah B (skauthen) | 585 comments Mod
I find that wearing black does for all public occasions. "Black goes with everything. That's black." - Neil Gaiman. Though I do have a bit of a fashion snafu with the multicoloured cat hair... only black cats from now on.

message 45: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Sarah wrote: "These amusing paparazzi articles appear in my inbox daily now the V&V filming is in full swing:"

Brava! (2).. Excellent piece "In the Moment of the Life Of A Split Haired Mid- Life Flaunting Beauty " Loved it . Don't forget the scrapple next time you go Piggly Wiggly-ing . Goes good with the grits .

message 46: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Silvio111 wrote: "Well, yes, touchee. (I don't know how to get the french "e" in there...) It's a good thing I am not a tabloid "reporter" because I would be merciless.

I too give thanks every time I go through the..."

Silvio-Isn't it great being invisible ? I spend a lot of my food shopping time with the produce section waiting for Gene Kelly to start "Singing in the Rain" it gives life a teeny jolt of adventure and no one seems to notice me.

message 47: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Sarah wrote: "I find that wearing black does for all public occasions. "Black goes with everything. That's black." - Neil Gaiman. Though I do have a bit of a fashion snafu with the multicoloured cat hair... only..."

My #3 son would hi-five you on your blackness. When he was 15 he wore black fingernails , long black coat & black streaked blond hair down to his shoulders. Making his statement was encouraged somewhat , I once asked him why black ? He replied he couldn't find anything darker .

message 48: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Joe,
Forgive my confusion; you stand in the produce section waiting for Gene Kelly to start singing: does that mean you are imagining that you are Debby Reynolds? (Because if you were Gene, you WOULD just start singing, right?)

But yes, I agree. Invisible is highly recommended.

Regarding your son's style, that's quite an image. It makes Will Smith's son look quite ordinary.

message 49: by Joe (new)

Joe | 489 comments Mod
Of course I would sing if I was Debbie Reynolds , dancing at the same time

At my local grocer (Harps) a foot or two above the produce there is a misting sprinkler system that is timed to sprinkle every 30 minutes ,,, whilist sprinkling a recording of Gene Kelly comes on of him "Singing in The Rain" Beats going to the local theater . less expensive and theres a show every 30 minutes . ( if your quick you can nip a grape or two) .

Like the Will Smith son pics ... I won't show them to my #3

message 50: by Silvio111 (new)

Silvio111 | 415 comments Wow, that is one hip grocery store!

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