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message 1: by Markus (last edited Oct 07, 2017 10:13AM) (new)

Markus McDowell (markusmcdowellauthor) | 2 comments I am not sure if this is a group for nonfiction, but I am in need of some beta readers for my third volume of prayer studies, Praying Through the Bible, Volume 3 (First Kings–Second Chronicles. Each short chapter, suitable for devotional or group study, contains a exploration of the background and meaning of each prayer, followed by some practical application of how to use what is learned in your own prayers.

I am looking for general feedback and critiques on content and flow, as well as other ideas for applications. If this is the sort of thing you are interested in, sent me a request for an invite via DM.

message 2: by RoseBurn (new)

RoseBurn | 3 comments Mod
The group is for all kinds of Christian books and readers, fiction and non-fiction alike. And I am mightily interested in your devotional. Look for my email. ....Note: I advise that you remove your email from this post and instead advise potential readers to first contact you via goodreads message, where you can give them your email address more privately.

message 3: by Markus (new)

Markus McDowell (markusmcdowellauthor) | 2 comments Thanks, Roseburn, for your reply and interest. I will follow up on the email soon!

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