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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Older fantasy novel with female protagonist & forced marriage. Spoilers ahead.

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Anna N. | 4 comments I can remember almost everything from this book except the TITLE!

Background: Read in the late 90's - early 2000's in the US. However, book could be older. Found in my public library's fantasy/sci-fi section. Then that library burned down.
Setting: Medieval-ish alternate fantasy world, with aspects drawn from asian cultures (?)
Protagonist: Young woman of poor but noble birth who has to marry the king/emperor for her family's sake. He already has dozens if not hundreds of wives/concubines, and these ladies are all either political gifts or semi-hostages to guarantee the good behavior of his nobles. She's loyal, brave, and also a good archer or skilled in some sort of ranged weaponry.
Plot & Random Details:
- When she arrives at court, she marries the king/emperor by proxy--she never actually meets him. Her wedding gift to him was a matched set of burial armor.
- Afterwards, she's kind of ignored by everyone until her husband gives her away in another marriage--this time to an elderly tribal chieftain/barbarian king (?) as part of a treaty. This new chieftain already has older wives with adult sons, so he treats her like a daughter.
- She embarks on a journey with the chieftain back to his country. She may have killed a dangerous beast with her bow & arrow along the way and thus impressed these people with her bravery (?).
- Once arrived at her new home, she discovers that one of the older wife seeks to kill the chieftain so her son (let's call him son #1) can claim the throne. This older wife is sort of like a witch, and has a hand drum made from human skin--pretty creepy.
- Our protagonist teams up with another son (son #2, from a different wife) to stop them. She ends up falling in love with son #2.
- Somehow the old chieftain dies, the plot is thwarted, and she marries son #2 who becomes the new chieftain/king. The end. :)

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Lobstergirl | 39847 comments Mod
Anna is still looking for this.

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Anna N. | 4 comments Lobstergirl wrote: "Anna is still looking for this."

Sorry! I forgot i had already posted this here. Completely my mistake >.<

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Anna N. | 4 comments Bump

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JennyG | 552 comments Do you remember the book cover?

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Anna N. | 4 comments JennyG wrote: "Do you remember the book cover?"

I think it was an old school fantasy cover, but im not sure about the details. Wish I remembered.

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