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message 1: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
What did you think?

message 2: by Eliza (new)

Eliza Gilliam | 3 comments This was such a surprising ending!!! Twisted writing & plot line....not sure if i would recommend just bc it was so hard for me to follow & stay focused. I honestly was kinda disappointed by this twisted story...

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Marshall | 3 comments I didn't expect the second part of the twist/surprise ending, but I had an idea of the first part happening. If that makes sense haha. I thought at times it was hard to follow who "I" was and I'd have to flip back to the beginning of the chapter to see whose perspective I was getting.

message 4: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
I'm with Stephanie, I saw the entire body swap happening. I had a feeling Adele had swapped with Rob and it like went wrong or something, but had no clue it was Rob through the entire story that we knew as Adele. It's so crazy now thinking back to the stuff he/she said and did. I do think this was a harder book to follow along (listened to a British woman reading), but those last few chapters were really good.

message 5: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Marshall | 3 comments I just wanted to shake Louise at times!

message 6: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Lol for real! Like at the end, I was like, meh, not your problem and she knew something was going to go wrong..smh, some characters lol

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments I didn't see the body swap happening but I did know that lucid dreaming had to do something with the ending. I just didn't expect the Rob/Louise/Adele switch. However, I just really hated the ending. I really had to re-read the last few chapters very closely to understand who's POV it was.

I really kinda wish there was a different ending. I kind of wished that Louise and David ended up together, that David became a great stepfather to Adam, that Adele just simply left the country. Faked her death and just moved to the states or something, some tiny town in the middle of nowhere.

All that aside, I really hated Louise's character. I wanted to scream at her at times. She knew something with going on with Adele and yet she didn't push for David to divorce her until after she mailed the letter to the inspector.

It was a very hard book to follow. One you really truly had to read the details close on. You really had to pay close attention to the POV and really pick up on use of pronouns and things that you wouldn't ordinarily pick up on.

Also, the book had an element of Gone Girl to me, but if you want to read some psychological thrillers that truly mess with your mind-- Gillian Flynn is your girl. She does it much much much better than this author.

Maybe I would've liked the book a little more if I hadn't read everything by Gillian Flynn first.

message 8: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
I haven't read Gone Girl yet, but I've been thinking I should. I absolutely didn't expect the ending of this book and I kind of liked that. A book is boring if it's so predictable, and yea, I saw the body swap coming...but had no idea it would be Rob in the end. I think Rob (as Adele) knew how to manipulate Anthony Hawkins so well because he was him in a sense. A young boy that was confused, mentally ill, and enthralled by Adele's beauty; which is why I loved Kelly's comment being so ironic about him. Because at the time you realized Adele and Anthony had a sort of kindred spirit...only you didn't know how very much so <3! I'm glad Louise didn't get her happy ending, after all, she didn't deserve it. She was dreadful and I think the author had to do that so the audience wouldn't be devastated. The one I truly feel sorry for is David...he will never escape Rob. And I feel for Rob, to love someone so deeply and not have them love you back must be a terrible feeling.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments Yeah, this is true. Rob truly loved David but not the kind of love you want. David just wanted to escape and you thought he finally got his happy ending and he didn't. That part sucked.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments Also, you need to add Gone Girl to your list Courtney. I promise you it one magical twisted, diabolical, psychological thriller. It is so well done. The writing, the characters, the plot twists, it's amazing.

message 11: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Done :)

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