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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments OH MY GOD! The way Adele described her relationship with Rob and how she talked about signing way her money to David and David was in charge of her money.

I really think that Adele not only killed Rob but she killed her parents too. She killed her parents for thinking that her relationship with David was bad news for her (I am what teenager really knows love at say 16 or 17. It very rarely happens with high school sweethearts. However, for sake of the book, we can clearly see David and Adele aren't exactly the idea of the perfect couple).

When Rob showed up at the estate house wanting to stay with Adele, I think Rob may have started discovering Adele and David's secrets and they had to get rid of him (like literally).

I am not anxious to find out if Rob is buried in that estate that once belonged to Adele's parents.

Also, I'm curious if Adele has some like spy equipment or something set up in the old estate and that is how she keeps tabs on people so that she can always be "one step ahead".

Also, one more mention of Anthony Hawkins. I'm interested to see what is going on with that story.

Also, because I'm a cat lover, what happened to that poor cat? Why did the cat have to die? It does not really add anything of value to the story.

message 3: by Courtney (new)

Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Oh, it sort of does...I can't remember where this falls in the book? Are you at the part where Louise is talking to what we thought was David's first mistress? I don't want to give anything away if you're not, but at this part you start to see a different side to Adele.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments I'm starting to see a different one.

I just read about Louise finding the inspector who believes the house fire was a result of arson.

Also, I do think that the abortion Adele had was related to the fact that Adele had a sexual relationship with Rob. It's sorta of hinted that things between them were more than just friends. I think Adele is portraying Rob as "we're so close. He's basically my brother". But, I don't buy that one bit.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments So, the weird Louise falling asleep and having an out of body experience. I know Adele taught the power of opening the door in your mind.

Still not sure I am understanding this? Any thoughts on clarifying this for me ?

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Yea, this is where the book takes a paranormal twist. Louise is experiencing an out of body experience, but as you keep reading you'll learn more about it. There will be a lot more about it, it's a major influence towards the end of the book. Essentially they're saying lucid dreaming allows your mind to leave your body, once you go through that door, then you can go anywhere.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments Thanks for clarifying Courtney. It just seemed to be a crucial part of the story, but I was not fully understanding why this included in the book. Maybe by the time I finish, it'll make sense. Right now, I'm just super confused why the author included it.

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