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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
So I've skipped the last few discussions, but at this point I figured I'd stop and say wtf. Adele is playing out to be some sort of MasterMind and manipulating that seems to know no boundaries (trying to infiltrate Louise's dreams). I absolutely love hearing Adele's PoV in the book, she's my favorite part. She's the woman skorned and she's dark and so many secrets, I love her character as twisted as she is.

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Stephanie Marshall | 3 comments I ended up skipping discussions as well because once I started reading I didn't stop until I finished the book. oops! Then I was nervous to post in the chapter sections for fear that I would accidentally reveal something from later in the book. I will try to do better with the next book :-)

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
It's nbd :) the great thing is we're doing this for fun, so as much or as little as you participate is totally up to you. I think most people will just want to participate in the end discussion. Next book I may try to set up a first 5 chapters, then do larger increments, so we had a middle indicator and then the end. So 3 posts total for the book.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments I'm in the middle of Chapter 29 and FINALLY Louise asks David "if you're so unhappy, why not divorce"? David's all like "my loves me but that's about all".

Now, Louise is doubting that Adele was hit by David. Adele says she opened a cabinet door on her face, which Louise knows is a lie, because there is no way based on height and the cabinet door location that it's just now possible. She ends the chapter saying that she doubts that David even hit Adele in the face.

In Adele's POV earlier it did imply that David hit her in the face. However, I am wondering if perhaps Adele has a side guy who might have hit her on the face. Just curious to see how this plays out.

Bottom line is Adele is one serious MasterMind. She plays the shy wife, the lying wife, the wife who is friends with her husband's secretary, the "I'll help you lose weight" girl, "I'll help you quit smoking" girl, I'll get Anthony Hawkins to see that I am more damaged than he is. I'll convince him to tell the head partner (Dr. Sykes) that David hits his wife. I'll have Anthony running to our house, but if he does that, I'll just call the police on him. I'll use him too.

It's like WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adele you are messing with a person who has some mental health issues and is a recovering drug addict (recently recovering at that). It's like that is not something you want to do. Don't destroy that damaged young guy. He's already dealing with so much as it is.

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Oh Kelly, I hope you reread these in the end. How you just described Anthony is so ironic!

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments I will go back and reread the posts I have made at the end. Kinda want to see if I am picking up on the right foreshadowing. The author just throws so much at you that you sort of really have to dig into the novel to get at what is important.

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
I'm really glad you mentioned Anthony because I didn't think much of him and in the end you'll understand why Adele feels she has so much power over him. The foreshadowing does make sense up until the very end, and it's so just wow. lol :) keep reading you'll understand XD

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments I came back to comment on some of my older posts. I didn't think Anthony Hawkins would have such a minor role. I thought he'd be in charge of something bigger than just scoring Adele some heroin to take and teaching her how to inject it. I figured when she mentioned it that she'd kept the old drugs that Rob had left at the estate since she noticed that he had it with him.

However, I think Anthony is sort of like Rob who actually is (SPOILER ALERT SO STOP READING NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE BOOK).............

But Rob is actually Adele who later becomes Rob in Adele's body but Rob's spirit then becomes a host in Louise's body after Louise does lucid dreaming on the front porch of their martial home.

Just a lot to take in really.

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