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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments I am starting Chapter 25 now (about 39% in). I just cannot get over the fact that David the psychiatrist and Adele his wife seem to be so troubled.

It's almost a Jekyl/Hyde dynamic with all 3 main characters. Adele when she is being spoken to seems to be this shy, reserved, better run off and check my cell phone. The old cell that my husband gave me when he calls me at the same exact time twice a day. When it's written from her POV, Adele reminds me of Amy in Gone Girl. Both came from rich parents, both were playing the role of dutiful housewife. Both seem to have a lot of issues with their mental health. I know it says Adele has anxiety issues but she constantly dissolved her meds in water in the sink so that it looks like she took her meds. Adele's POV makes her sound like she's manipulating David and Louise. She's like she's a master puppeteer.

Even when David locks her in her house that he can't be "bothered" by her while he's out doing charity work in the poorer regions of London, instead of having a bad reaction like "I'll call the cops" or "You can't just lock someone in their home". It seems like her reaction is like "I'm okay with this". Then, she takes new meds David gives her (though like Louise said we are not sure of the ethical considerations surrounding this) and just moves his stuff in the guest room and then takes a bath.

The paragraph: "I take two (ibuprofen) with water and then go downstairs to the cloakroom and turn on the light, leaning over the sink to examine my face in the mirror. The bruise is quite something, blooming high on my cheekbone. My skin has swelled tight and I flinch when I gently touch it. Last night, it was just a red glare. Today it's staking its claim on my face. My eye isn't closing up yet though, which is a relief. The bruise will be gone within a week, I'm sure".

So, we have a history of domestic violence. A Dr. that helps people with anger issues seems to have a drinking problem and he's violent. Yet, the same he acts like Louise is just drastically different. Seems like he's damaged sure but there's almost a softness or vulnerability to him that isn't displayed to his wife, Adele. Seems like he's (to borrow Louise's word) "compartmentalizes" his personality and shows side A to Louise and side B to Adele.

Then, we get to another paragraph:

"I hate it. HIs concern at the growing bruise first thing this morning vanished when my shopping started to arrive and that was that. More anger and the same demanding questions of last night that I still won't answer. He wanted to know where I'd been. Why I was out when he got home. What I'd been doing."

Paragraph 2: (will discuss both below):

"I obviously can't tell him where I really was--I'd planned to be home before him but my poor timing was another error in last night's fiasco-but perhaps I should give him something. Or not. I'm quite enjoying this moment of quiet power over him. I may be the one locked in, but what he wants to know is locked in my head. I'll take that. Still, I feel exhausted now that I'm alone."

These 2 paragraphs show me now only how damaged Adele is but how much power she has over David. Although David seems to have the upper hand because he did lock her in the house. Yet, she still won't tell him where she was and that " I may be the one locked in, but what he wants to know is locked in my head. I'll take that". It's just not a healthy dynamic to have.

So, I guess my follow up question is why not legally separate? It's not a divorce and it still allows you to be technically married so if David were to have sexual relations with Louise, then it would be easy for Adele to get a fault based divorce and then the fault can be used as a way to increase alimony. Plus, with the history of violence with David hitting Adele (at least long enough for her to know how long the face bruise will last) that it's been going on a while. That can be used as another means to seek divorce. So, why not just get a divorce? Seems like it would solve the love triangle and unhappy marriage.

(Sorry, my mind defaults to legal concepts, because I have my J.D. and am studying for the bar exam now).

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
I am hesitant to respond because I have finished and I definitely don't want to give anything away. I will say the reason David and Adele don't look into legal options is because Adele won't let David leave. She is a "master puppeteer" as you will later find out exactly how much so.

Adele's issue she's is struggling with throughout the book is how much she loves David, but the love is not reciprocated as it once was. Her entire goal is not to separate, but she does want him to feel free and happy again, but not at the cost of her own happiness (having David's love). She has a plan to get it, but it's not until the end you see it all, and it does recap to how she manipulated people and events (why I said don't stress the details).

We see the plan Adele is laying out as it unfolds, and we get little hints along the way that it is going exactly how she is not until the last few chapters that you start to understand. And then at the very end...well, you'll see. Keep Reading <3!

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments Glad to know I'm at least catching on to how much of a "master puppeteer" Adele is.

I'll keep reading, but I am just now at the point where I am getting sucked into the story.

Louise is just kinda boring me right now, but Adele's character is definitely intriguing. Perhaps I just wanna know how big of a train wreck she is, or how crazy she is.

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Louise is dreadful, I hate her character. Adele is definitely the star of this book, David just lives in her shadows...

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments At the beginning, I found Louise dull, then around Chapter 3 to like Chapter 10, she got a bit more interesting and now she is even more boring than she was the first time she was introduced.

Adele definitely is the star of the book.

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