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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Discuss here.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments OMG. Not just one kiss Louise. You just kissed your boss and well did the unmentionable. You're friends with his wife and you work for him.

It's like NO GIRL! NO! You shouldn't have done that. I know there's gotta be a reason for that to happen, but it's like, that was a real eye opener.

Louise just watched him sorta act all mean towards her and she's just like "he's had a bad day. I'll just work at my desk. organize stuff. Just don't make him any angrier".

Also, I was shocked she let Adam leave his father to go to France with his girlfriend who is pregnant and looking to buy a house there. My son leaving for an entire month. I don't know if I could handle that.

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
XD that picture is exactly what I was feeling when I was reading this. I'm like, I get that Louise is desperate and she's finally found someone she connects with...but really? How about some self-respect chica!

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments Glad I was not the only one who had this reaction. I was like 1) you kissed him in a bar and you both were drunk. I get that "heat of passion", things happen, etc.

However, after you realized he's your boss, named David with a picture of his gorgeous wife on his desk, you know he's married and he's your boss.

Then, you decide to throw things up in the mix. It's like NO GIRL! STOP THE BRAKES! This is NOT okay.

You are even friends with his wife. She's helping you since your son is away for a Mom, showed you how to work out, even took you to her house, she's helping you deal with night terrors.

I mean, come on girl! Get your sh!t together!

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments Okay, so is anyone else getting the weird "love triangle" vibe? I know it's very clear that Louise likes David, but the way she describes Adele, it seems like they all have a weird relationship.

When the author writes this (from Louise's POV):

"I'm already a bit in love with Adele in a strange way; she's so beautiful and tragic and fascinating and kind to me. And then there's David; a dark mystery. He's gentle and passionate in bed but never talks about his marriage which I know is toxic on some level. I should give one of them up but I can't bring myself to. I feel like I'm woven around both of them and they're woven into me. The more I fall for David, the more fascinated I become with Adele. It's a vicious circle".

Also, the way Adele sort of plans bumping into Louise and how she knows that Louise and David are having sex together. How she knows where Louise lives before Adele is told.

It's almost like the tragic character of Adele is like a major stalker to Louise.

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
All I can say without spoiling anything'll all make sense in the end.

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Courtney Hudson (courtneyhudson) | 73 comments Mod
Reopen this subject on the last forum after you've read the book though, because it's something I wanted to reflect on and just forgot about.

Kelly Martin- Loudermilk | 45 comments Will do Courtney. Something about the way author said this specific paragraph was just sorta haunting.

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