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Scott Williams (scottlukaswilliams) | 23 comments Mod
This book brings up the topic of Greek vs. Roman names in the Xenaverse. Odysseus is mentioned in this book but when the character shows up on the TV series later, they use the Roman name, Ulysses.

The most famous incidence of this happening is with Hercules. The Greek name, Heracles, is now rarely used. Hercules has become the most popular expression.

The other example that comes immediately to mind is Dionysus/Bacchus. This one is a bit different because the writers separated these into two different characters.

Can anyone think of more examples like this in the franchise?

Scott Williams (scottlukaswilliams) | 23 comments Mod
I remembered another one!

In the Xenaverse, they use the Roman "Cupid" vs the Greek "Eros". Cupid, like Hercules, has become far and away the more popular expression of the name.

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