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P.S. I Love You (P.S. I Love You, #1)
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message 1: by Sadaf. (new)

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 31 comments I guess this is how a thread is created. Here we go

message 2: by Akshay (last edited Oct 06, 2017 08:44AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Akshay Samdani (regz786) | 6 comments We decided on reading: P.S. I Love You

message 3: by Sadaf. (new)

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 31 comments Reality vs past....
Holly has lost her husband, and she recollects moments from her past . How she had Gerry just a Christmas ago , how they were so happy- and now he was gone . I think the author has described this very well. None of us think of any of our love ones passing away . But the heartbreak the memories left behind can surely be related to her situation.

She wouldn't have imagined there would really be a list. But the fact that it is there is really great - that too one for each month .. thoughtful if you ask me.

I thought there'd be long letters . But the actual letter is surprising. Just a sentence or two. But it seems like they are not just a sentences , they have memories attached - and holly has to follow them. If I was in her place - I would too, however hard it would be for me.

In all the letters so far , I have liked the first one of buying the lamp most. What about you?

Holly's family is a total disaster. Even from the beginning when her sister is throwing fits on holly's wedding day. The part where they have dinner is quite a scene. Leo the hairdresser is funny. Think that you too must've smiled during his introduction in the story. Did you? He shouting to make way for Holly. Hehe.

Little by little the letters are building up. The part where he had already enrolled holly in karaoke really got to me.. don't know how he got all the preparation done though he was ill. Her past karaoke episode was rough ... hopes she gets through.

This is a brief take from my side , I need to make points from next time while reading . Waiting to read yours. :):)

Ps- if you can let me know your thoughts on what I've said so far ( like agree or disagree with my views) that would be awesome. I'll do the same after reading your review so far. :)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 2701 comments Mod
This is one of the rare books whose movie adaptation I liked better. Hope you two like it :)

Akshay Samdani (regz786) | 6 comments Omg I can't match that analysis. I felt the story introduced too many characters too soon, for me it is hard to remember each and every member of Holly's family. I liked the buy new dress letter, shopping/spending money is therapy in itself. I too liked the character Leo and birthday celebration scene, it feels so unreal having that kind of relationship with your hair stylist. I liked the party with friends scene too and hope they give some more details on the crazy big 3 O party. I almost hate that letters come a month apart, I would like the letters more frequent like a week or so may be and Holly to be taken on an awesome journey of self awareness and love, let's see.

message 6: by Sadaf. (new)

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 31 comments there were too many characters, that's true . Maybe we will get to know later of what they did that night for her birthday lol. Leo is old right? The elderly often like to make good connections and show concern to younger people as so I feel . So I think that I didn't feel so off with his relation with her. Well let's see what happens next . The letters will hold more surprises for sure!!

Couldn't start reading yet . I'll have my review up by Monday hopefully. You can go ahead and post if your done before then. :)

Akshay Samdani (regz786) | 6 comments Holly's karaoke episode, the June letter stating to get rid off Gerry's stuff, her birthday, documentary by Declan, Ciara's Mathew episode, weird Richard, July Letter with Holly Day, Barbecueis at Ciara's Birthday, near death experience at Holiday, August letter about Dolphin is all a roller coaster ride of emotions. I am getting comfortable with loads of characters and do feel it's stretched out a bit at places.

Akshay Samdani (regz786) | 6 comments hey I am even ready to post my next set :p let me know if you need more time. I will wait for your post till then. And I hope my analysis post are not too disappointing for you, if you want me to cover anything in particular just let me know.

message 9: by Sadaf. (new)

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 31 comments I've finished reading the next. But didn't get time to post review:( I'll do it today!

message 10: by Sadaf. (new)

Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 31 comments Hiiii....
I didn't know the birthday bash episode would come so quick. It was fun, and to my surprise it went viral lol. Gerry's letter of getting rid of his stuff and saying he always had his arms wrapped around her was very touching. The vacation I would not think of it too special- but the visit Gerry makes to the travel agent made me think otherwise. I liked that part.

Sorry with the delay with my review. I might be a few days more to complete the next 14. But you can go ahead and post, I'll read it as soon as I'm done.

No your reviews are perfect. You are right we can discuss further on topics we want to later on . We'll do a bit of that when we are done with the book..

Until next time..... Happy reading:)!

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Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 31 comments Hey how are you doing ? :) here's of the next batch!!

The trip the girls had was a pleasant read .The near death experience was kind of scary . Gerry's letter for dolphin watch was thoughtful.
Going on to friends of holly's- the dinner. I can relate to the situation. All good news and she is stuck where she is in her lonliness and sorrow. She has to feel happy but can't . Can't blame her though , she is human after all
Felt sorry for Richard. He is not pleasant company to have , but he is a good person. It was a surprise that he was working on her garden .
Do u think she'll get the job ? She tried so hard in the interview .

Hope good will come to her. :)

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Sadaf.   Zulfikar | 31 comments Hi !

Done reading the book :) have you?

Akshay Samdani (regz786) | 6 comments Yes long back, will post my complete review soon.

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