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Religion and the Rebel
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Intellectual level of young and not so young people today.

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Samantha Devin | 1 comments Mod
Colin Wilson wrote The Outsider when he was 24 and Religion and the Rebel when he was 25. Do you think a man of 25 could write today such scholarly books? Is the intellectual level of young people today as high as it was in the second half of the 20th Century? How do think is our intellectual level and the knowledge of our cultural heritage today?

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Wendy Koenigsmann (wkoenigsmann) I am sorry I never saw your invite until today. To answer this question, there are still a few people of great intellect out there, but it does not appear that young people like to read actual books anymore, and so they lack the necessary references to write a scholarly work. I blame the lure of the internet as one reason. I consider myself well read but have become "lazy" myself due to the internet and its many entrapments. Often, I find that reading articles online has made us more reliant on technology than anything else. This does not compare in the least to a real, classical education.

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