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message 1: by Araya (new)

Araya Evermore (arayaevermore) | 7 comments Here is the new book cover for this book:

thank you!

message 2: by Ayshe (new)

Ayshe | 3032 comments We don't replace covers of published books as users would want to shelve the exact editions they have/read including the covers. We create alternate-cover editions (ACE) instead. I created ACE for the Kindle edition here:

I noticed new covers have Araya Evermore as the author, if you wish you can ask support to change your name to that here: or by emailing them directly.

message 3: by Araya (new)

Araya Evermore (arayaevermore) | 7 comments Thank you so much, that's very helpful! :)

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