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Kirra (bookishkirra) | 37 comments Mod
Your rating out of five stars?

Your thoughts on the book in five words or less (or much more)?

Who did you love/hate?

Kirra (bookishkirra) | 37 comments Mod
- 4 out of 5 stars!

- Whirlwind of surprise and heartbreak.

- I loved Anna because she seemed like such a great kid, but I also felt so bad for her because her whole existence was just for the benefit of someone else. I also enjoyed Kate's chapters, especially when she met the boy at the hospital and they went to the dance together.

Her brother, father and Campbell and Julia were also characters I came to love reading about because they all had their own issues while also being on the two sides of what should be done or what is right for Anna or Kate.

The only person I hated, with a fiery passion, was the mother. Sara not only continually had no issue with throwing her third child under the bus and manipulating her to save her second child, but she was also pretty shitty to her first child and her husband.

The more I think about the ending the more I feel a little annoyed at the path it took after the journey we spent getting to know and liking these characters and I feel like it could've gone a better way if the author just wasn't trying to hurt us but it was at least very impactful.

Sharon Mogg | 22 comments 4-5 stars!
Sad sad sad!

I thought Anna was so sweet and innocent. She was also really able to prove her maturity by attempting to fulfil Kate's wishes. In the end, I believed that she was indeed capable of making her own decisions regarding anything in her own life.

Kate, Jesse and Brian were also great. They were able to recognise things that Sara wouldn't let herself recognise.

"Some things you can't fix. How come I know that but you don't?" (Paraphrasing but how smart is Kate!?

The very end of this book was shockingly heartbreaking. I was glad that we were able to know Anna's true motivation behind the lawsuit before the twist happened. I'd love to know how Sara felt following the accident. Did she feel guilty? Was she glad that Kate could live even though Anna died? Was it a fair trade off for her or did she finally realise that what she'd been doing to Anna all this time was so horribly inexcusable?

Sharon Mogg | 22 comments Woah, spoiler ^^^***

Kirra (bookishkirra) | 37 comments Mod
Sharon wrote: "4-5 stars!
Sad sad sad!"

Haha, hilarious spoilery Sharon! I agree that it truly showcased how a younger child can be so mature beyond their years and show the emotional stability much great than someone else that's meant to be their protector!

Yeah I feel like Sara would have honestly felt like "Well this is how it was meant to happen" and not even really mourn her now that Kate is okay!

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