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A Certain Wolfish Charm (Westfield Wolves, #1)
This topic is about A Certain Wolfish Charm
SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical paranormal romance. Werewolf Male lead & possible were-leopard (woman’s young relative) and human female. [s]

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Nicki  (rileybear94) | 5 comments I read this book 5 to 8years ago, just looking at the library for a werewolf book to read.
I’m short on details because of that amount of time, so heres what I can remember->
The cover image is of a white/blue castle.
It had a weird title along the lines of “something like a wolf.”
I believe the lead male was a wolf, the young man a leopard, and the female human, I think females can’t become shifters.
Mostly through the book he has feelings for her and tries to keep her proper
he finger fucks her in the garden... later in the book the leads have sex as wolf/human
***end spoiler***
I don’t know the plot of the book, but than it could have just been them getting together was the plot, I doubt it though with shifters.
And I believe at the end of the book she’s pregnant.
Thanks In advance for your help

Nicki  (rileybear94) | 5 comments I just finished read Enchanting The Beast, and it’s not the book I’m looking for. Thanks though:)

Nicki  (rileybear94) | 5 comments This is copy pasted from another site, but she comments about this group and I’m hopping she found this book because it’s the exact one I am looking for
It's a historical romance set in England
the heroine(a noblewoman)is caught with a servant in a barn/stable
it's considered a huge scandal and she is sent away (to London I think)
She either meets or is in the household of a nobleman (he might be a marques or the son of one)
He sets about to seduce her and for some reason that I can't remember she begins to hate him
I also remember a seduction scene in a chair and one in a garden (he lifts up her dress) where she tells him that her body might be his but he will never have her heart/soul

the book might have a title beginning with a T or an S. Something like temptation or scandal(I think this is the most likely)

please please help

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Aerulan | 1180 comments Maybe take a look at Lydia Dare's Westfield Wolves series, it starts with A Certain Wolfish Charm

And Nicky, is the book you're talking about in comment #4 a different one than the book in your first comment? If it is you need to make a separate thread for that one. In this group, we do one book search per thread, it makes it much easier on everyone, otherwise it can get really hard to tell which title is being suggested for which forgotten book and after a while it all gets very hard to follow.

Nicki  (rileybear94) | 5 comments I think they are the same book.

Nicki  (rileybear94) | 5 comments That’s the book! Thank you so much.

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Aerulan | 1180 comments Nicky wrote: "That’s the book! Thank you so much."

You're welcome! Glad it was the right one.

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