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Dan Hi everyone!

Okay, I apologize in advance if I sound like I’m rambling, but I’ll try to be short and concise. I got into VA about seven years ago and fell in love with the series right away. I was pleasantly surprised by the elaborate world-building and multidimensional characters, as well as by the relative lack of plot holes and continuity errors. It reminded me a lot of the Harry Potter series. There are many parallels that can be drawn between the wizarding world and the Moroi world. When I started reading online reviews about this series, I was literally buoyed by the fact that most of the reviews were positive and there was very little incentive to “spork” the series or pick apart its flaws. Suffice it to say that I became a fanboy (I can’t very well say “fangirl”) of Vampire Academy. I do not consider this series a waste of my time, and I think it has every potential to be a global pop culture hit.

What I’m really interested in, however, is the VA fandom. From what I can see online, the fan base is very vocal and active, and Vampire Academy is the fifteenth most “fan-fictioned” series on, with new additions still being registered. I know that there are many casual fans of this series, but I was mostly wondering about the die-hard fans, the ones who spend time “fangirling” (or “fanboying,” as in my case), write VA fan fiction in their spare time, and possibly even own VA-themed merchandise. The ones who call themselves VAddicts or the #VAFamily (I was actually surprised when I saw these fandom names; I expected something different). Ever since the movie flopped at the box office and Frostbite failed to go into production, things have been kind of quiet, but I’m really hoping the fans haven’t forgotten this series and will perk up if producers decide to revisit it. Also, I was wondering about the dynamics of the VA fan base. Is it mostly an online thing, or do they sometimes hang out in person? If it is, what are some websites that I can try visiting in order to reach them? I’ve been working on something VA-related for a while, and I feel that only truly dedicated fans would understand what it is that I’m doing, but I don’t know how to reach them. I’ve been having trouble meeting people offline who are aware of this series, if you get my drift (LOL).

Anyway, thanks in advance for any replies, and I’m also hoping for either a Frostbite movie or a TV series sometime in the future. Actually, I think a TV series would do the books more justice since there is more time to develop the characters and explain the world-building. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Francess I'm not sure about the gatherings and stuff. But I'm happy to see a lot of people still loving the series. And more who are discovering it just now. As for the movies, I'm quite happy that they didn't go on with it. I don't want my VA world be ruined anymore than it has been by the movie. I think a TV series would be nice as long as they stay true to the plot.

Jasmine A tv series would be greater for the whole book series. i wish they had it :(

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