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Has anyone met Brandon Mull?

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message 1: by Jillian (new)

Jillian (geekktragedy) | 12 comments Hey, idk why I never posted this but I went to BookCon for the very first time this June and it was amazing! I didn't get to meet a ton of authors because I wasn't really used to the system like the pros are (lol trust me there are BookCon pros and they know what they're doing unlike me).

But anyways, I didn't know many of the authors that were doing in-booth signings (as opposed to signings in the Autographing Area which you have to reserve before the Con) and the ones that I did know of were popular and had lines that were impossibly long for me to wait in. Also if you didn't know, the BookCon website/app lists all the authors who are doing in-booth signings and Brandon Mull was NOT on that list; I was not expecting to see him (I didn't bring any of his books with me either unfortunately).

But then I turned around and there was his booth!! I went back to his signing there later and I met him and he signed my tee shirt and a free Fablehaven Book of Imagination (and a Dragonwatch poster ahhh) and it was just a completely surreal experience and he was really nice! He made BookCon the best experience for me and I really really hope he's there if I go to BookCon 2018!!!

If anyone else has met him, on tour or at Bookcon or whatever, feel free to add your story :D

message 2: by Dick (new)

Dick Nielson (firennice) | 1 comments I was walking down a quiet side hallway at Salt Lake comic con and he was talking to some kids. I stopped and wanted to say something until I realized it was most likely his family, so I moved on. I did not want to bother him if it was his family time.

message 3: by Jade (new)

Jade | 3 comments I met him at a writing conference. He was really nice and we went to all the workshops he lead(along with other writers). He signed my fable haven series and candy shop wars books.

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