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This was a funny mystery set in Britain. The woman who finds the dog calls it a bulldog and isn’t a dog person at all. I think the dog escaped from 2 young guys who were trying to use it for dog fighting but one of them tried to make the dog mean but one ends up liking it. I had thought it was called Barking but Haven’t found anything like it. Anyone remember this book or who wrote it.

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Angela | 626 comments Barking! (PI Grace Smith, #4) by Liz Evans Barking! by Liz Evans, maybe?

From Publishers Weekly: "Those with a taste for oddball working-class female PIs should go for Grace Smith, heroine of three earlier mysteries from British author Evans (Who Killed Marilyn Monroe?) and now making her slightly zany American debut. Grace loves her tacky Seatoun beachfront with its perpetual fried-food smell. One morning while in pursuit of her friend Arlene's perennially flatulent and spoiled-to-death bulldog, Waterloo, and wielding a large beef bone for bait, she accidentally bashes the head of Stuart Roberts, a stammering accountant. Learning of her occupation, Stuart confides his fear that he may have killed someone and asks her help. He offers tapes of hypnotherapy sessions describing events that occurred almost 30 years before he was born to support his suspicions. Then, facing eye surgery, Arlene leaves Waterloo in Grace's less-than-enthusiastic care. The animal soon becomes an unlikely hero and instant media darling by rescuing rock star Rick Alaimo's small daughter from drowning when Grace snoops about an estate once owned by Stuart's distant relatives and now occupied by the celebrity and his supremely dysfunctional family. Caught off guard when the mild-mannered numbers cruncher appears in their midst, she begins to have second thoughts about her client as she digs deeper into his tangled past. Evans's skill at placing people solidly on their own turf, be it manor house or beach cottage, keeps the quirkier aspects of the case on a firm footing. Mystery Guild Book Club selection. (Jan. 1)Forecast: "England's answer to Janet Evanovich" states the cover blurb from the TLS, but since Grace lacks the extended family that accounts for a lot of Stephanie Plum's appeal, Evanovich fans may not be so enchanted."

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I did buy this book and enjoyed it but it is not the one I'm trying to find. The storyline is about the 2 boys who kidnap the dog and try to make it mean to fight. This book was totally different story line. I must have remembered the title wrong. Any other ideas?

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