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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. chick lit romance woman moves to be with family because sister or mother is dying

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message 1: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kristenlees) Ok I know this is a long shot, but thought i'd try!

all i remember is this woman, young woman, moves (maybe?) back home to be with family because her sister or mother (i think sister) is dying. there is a dog involved, and i think she falls in love with a doctor or a vet. maybe vet because of the dog. who knows! i'm pretty sure i read it like 10 years ago so it's at least that old. it wasn't a classic or anything, so i'm guessing set sometime in the 2000s or so. i read it as a paperback because i didn't have a kindle back then.

aaand that's all i know. does it ring any bells to anyone?

message 2: by Tab (new)

Tab (tabbrown) | 4892 comments Do you remember the cover?
Location the story takes place?

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kristenlees) thank you for your reply.
i don't remember the cover at all.
i also don't remember the location, but i am 99% sure it was set in america, like a small town, because i was obsessed with all things american at the time. but that's all i remember.

message 5: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kristenlees) Juels wrote: "Maybe Return to Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs?"

thanks Juels - I don't think so, the filmmaker bit and pregnant mother don't sound right. But it sounds like a good book so might as well add it to the TBR :)

message 7: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (kristenlees) Juels wrote: "The Art of Arranging Flowers by Lynne Branard?"

again, doesn't sound quite right but does sound like a book I want to add to my TBR. thanks Juels :)

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