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for-redheads | 13 comments Please add book cover image for Little Redheads Across America


Images of the cover can be found here:
(1) Author’s Flickr stream:

Also, the book's Description section can be expanded to include the author's own Descriptions:

“A Children's Photography and Fun Facts book all about Kids with RED HAIR. This 88-page Hardcover book is filled with over 400 professional photographs of Little Redheads from every state in the US. With only 2 to 6 percent of the U.S. population having red hair, these redheads are quite the celebrities in their towns.

"In addition to the photographs, I explain in a fun and whimsy way, how they became a redhead.. Why they have freckles and what they are. Why they sunburn. And tons of other important stuff I wanted them to know about themselves. I wanted to … show redheads how extraordinary they are and to celebrate their uniqueness. I also included fun and educational facts about each of our 50 states.”

References for description:
(1) Author’s Flickr stream:

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for-redheads | 13 comments Thanks Arenda!

Arenda wrote: "Done:"

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