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(Spoilers) Questions after finishing the book

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Peter Just finished the audiobook yesterday, and found myself completely bewildered. I have a number of lingering questions, and was wondering if anyone else could shed some light from their reading.

There are definitely two separate entities introduced: We have the fuckroaches that lure the parents to the mine, and then the individual larva awaiting rescue and eventual destruction. My first question has to do with the Mr. Nymph personae.

Who is Mr. Nymph?

I had thought at first that Mr. Nymph was only related to the fuckroaches. They could imitate other people (and things) but always returned to their Nymph form when wishing to speak on behalf of The Master. But then in the facility when Dave confronts the Mikey Larva, he sees Mr. Nymph at first.
Thanks, hope to hear your thoughts.

Adam Korman This is a spoiler (obviously), when Detective Bowman comes to the house (during Amy's Birthday, at the end), they actually explain that Mr. Nymph (as described by someone) turned out to be someone who was at the BBQ with Ted, Loretta, The CR Bikers, and Chastity. Mr. Nymph was actually someone who went down to the pond and had sex with another lady.

So my guess, is the original Mr. Nymph was a swarm (a kin to Joy Park) that was a lure to get the people to come to the pond to take home the Larva... At least that's the way I read it. (Although, it is worth noting, that only David and Maggie/Larva saw Mr. Nymph as himself, just fancier, everyone else saw something different.

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