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message 1: by Ephraim (last edited Oct 05, 2017 07:06AM) (new)

Ephraim Just (ephraimjust) | 4 comments Hi! My name is Dan, I'm 22, and I am looking for a critique partner. My reviews might be indicative of my style in terms of crit, though you can sprinkle that with some more emotional support to get the idea. Let's mutually boost each other to the finish line!

I'm particularly looking for someone willing to go through my novel, Spirits of Another Sort (temp title), which has just gone through its second draft. It's set on a tropical island with late 19th century-ish technology. A friend has called it a Bildungsroman, and it also contains elements of lesbian romance. Due to the questions of repression addressed, I would like very much to have another wlw as a critique partner to discuss this subject, but this is not required.

Plot summary:
Preeda Ah Udot is the first Thu Avan student to ever be admitted to the Ambassadorial Academy of Science; Preeda Ah Udot is also the first Thu Avan student to ever be expelled from the Ambassadorial Academy of Science. For her mother, Kasih, it’s one anomaly too many in a succession of improbable promotions, profitable deaths, meteorological impossibilities, and lilies growing through the floorboards. All leave her with one certainty: Preeda is possessed by a spirit.

She steals her daughter away to the northern coast, into the shack of the mystic Ama Luua who reluctantly accepts the task of taming or expelling the spirit from Preeda. Reading through Luua’s tattered library, Preeda begins to practice the mystical ways eradicated by Hanan cultural hegemony. She reads of sanctuaries not found on any maps, where now massacred Doun healers mastered the arts of spirit summoning. In the illustrated marble colonnades, she sees a path home.

Resolving to become worthy of her mother’s trust again, she delves into the jungle on the sanctuary's tracks, unprepared and undaunted. She finds a guide and protector in the form of a wandering girl named Ayoshe. Preeda becomes fearful that the tentative friendship between them is distracting her from her duty, and elects to break away from the draw Ayoshe has on her. Ayoshe elects to draw her into something else entirely: Preeda awakes, caged in the belly of a once great, now dying spirit. The King and Kingdom, High Peak of Ducao, Gana, who not only holds the secret of the vanished sanctuary, but rests upon it.

Thank you for your consideration!

message 2: by Siyabulela (new)

Siyabulela Mbalekwa | 22 comments Would love to assist, pleaase drop me a mail We can go through details there

message 3: by Ajay (new)

Ajay Tulsiani | 5 comments Hi,
I have a ya space opera and am looking for swap.
If you're still looking for a beta reader, we can help each other out.

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