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Blog Post: 4th Quarter 2017!

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message 1: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Garcia | 18 comments Greetings, everyone! I'm new to this group and just wanted to say hi and create a new topic for people to post their current blog links, either to your blog page, or your newest blog!
I look forward to checking them out! :)

message 2: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Garcia | 18 comments My name is Antonio Garcia, and my blog page mainly consist of my weekly Short Stories, Martial Art Articles I write, and from time to time, motivational post! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

message 3: by Extended DISC (new)

Extended DISC | 89 comments You can introduce DISC to your organization more easily with this blog from Extended DISC!

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Rolli (melissa_rolli) | 23 comments Follow my book reviews at http://perfictionistbibliophile.blogs...

My most recent review is of The Space Between Words by Michele Phoenix. Please find that review here: http://perfictionistbibliophile.blogs...

message 5: by Cristina (new)

Cristina (crisperpol) | 4 comments Hello! I'm new at blogging and I'd really appreciate some feedback.
I've written just two posts at the moment but I plan to write many more about diverse topics.

About being an au pair:

About feelings:

message 6: by Leja (new)

Leja | 70 comments My new post on the amazing travel I had to Norway, please let me know your thoughts :)

message 7: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Kearns (brendakearns) | 238 comments The Night My Cat Tried to Kill Me

message 8: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Rolli (melissa_rolli) | 23 comments I just posted a new book review on my blog: http://perfictionistbibliophile.blogs...

message 9: by Melissa (new)

Melissa Rolli (melissa_rolli) | 23 comments I just updated the writing muses page of my blog to include my latest flash fiction contest submission. Check it out here: http://perfictionistbibliophile.blogs...

message 10: by Galina (new)

Galina Petrova | 11 comments My Blog Post about Themed Birthday Party https://sercretsocietyclub.blogspot.c...

message 11: by Cathy (last edited Nov 21, 2017 09:03AM) (new)

Cathy Skendrovich | 234 comments This time of year has me thinking about what I'm most thankful for on my blog. Let me know what your blessings are this year!

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Baker (thousandscar) | 7 comments New article, exploring my journey as a writer, up to the release of my first published novel, coming soon!


message 13: by Natoula (new)

Natoula | 6 comments Hey Guys, my blog is about the latest in STEM. From the creation of ice cream that doesn't melt to 3D printing organs, there is something for everyone.

Feel free to leave feedback and comment your blog in the comments (I'll check it out !)


message 14: by Antonio (last edited Dec 08, 2017 07:03AM) (new)

Antonio Garcia | 18 comments Hi everyone! Check out my New Short Story: Death Trade!

Antonio Garcia

message 15: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Kearns (brendakearns) | 238 comments New blog post: After 55 years…my parents had The Big Fight!

message 16: by Hugh (new)

Hugh Wilberforce | 20 comments Please come visit and read my Blog I am writing a Fantasy Adventure Novel. Share my journey and tell me about yours along the way.

message 17: by Antonio (new)

Antonio Garcia | 18 comments Check out my New Short Story: Missing!!

Antonio Garcia

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