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message 1: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 8887 comments Track 334 - Sleepy Sun/Mania - nominated by the Duke
Track 335 - Hunters & Collectors (including Mark Seymour solo/duets) - nominated by Val H.
Track 336 - New Model Army - nominated by Sera69
Track 337 - Matthew Sweet solo or with Susannah Hoffs or in The Thorns or any other collaboration in which he's played a significant role - nominated by Brass Neck
Track 338 - Sufjan Stevens - nominated by Lez Lee
Track 339 - Showaddywaddy - nominated by tech
Track 340 - The Walkabouts/Chris Eckman solo/Chris & Carla
Track 341 - The Comsat Angels nominated by Notre_Shuggie

message 2: by Gordon (new)

Gordon (skiiltan) | 2940 comments I see you didn't manage to lose Showaddywaddy in the move.

message 3: by Gordon (new)

Gordon (skiiltan) | 2940 comments Tim, don't worry if you don't get replies yet. I think everyone's waiting to see what happens on Amazon before shifting everything over to a new place.

message 4: by Val (new)

Val H. | 14839 comments Thanks Tim for all your work on migrating the current and upcoming voting threads over to here.

message 5: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 8887 comments No worries, Gordon. It's best to get in before they lock stuff I thought.

I'll have to take the themes list a bit slower as there's a character limit for posts here, so the full list can't be posted in one go.

message 6: by Tech XXIII (new)

Tech XXIII  | 6566 comments Gordon wrote: "I see you didn't manage to lose Showaddywaddy in the move."

d'oh! no i thought it was a dubby play on the u.k. (former) roots band, y'know - Aswad-dywaddy! much as i love to rock out to those screaming young savages with banjos, creepers and drapes, i will probably change my nomination, and to someone who is well overdue in this! watch this space (between my ears!)

message 7: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5668 comments Just in case, here's the remnants of GR13 noms:

Track 329 - Joy Division - nominated by Sj Brooke
Track 330 - Otis Taylor - nominated by SST
Track 331 - Small Faces/Steve Mariott/Rod Stewart/band or solos - nominated by Travel Fan
Track 332 - Chelsea Wolfe - nominated by TheFoe
Track 333 - Gary Numan/Tubeway Army - nominated by Spacepig

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