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The Golden Dream
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Romance Novel: Young Adults Stand-alone Novel: (published in the 1960's or '70s) Setting is orange groves in California- set in the 1950s or 1960s. Spoiler ahead. [s]

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Cleo | 20 comments Hi I can't remember the name of this book..but it is very loosely a romance novel set in California and without giving too many spoilers away this is a summary of the what I can remember:
1. The MC is a teen girl who works on her father's orange grove after school. She is either 16 or 17 and is also in high school She has an older sister.
2. Her major love interest is a 'rich-boy' called Avery whose father has made millions in oil and whose family has just moved into town. He has an older (but still in high school) snobbish sister
3. Conflict ensues as both sets of parents do not want them getting together

Spoiler under the cut:

There is a fire and her house and father's orange grove are destroyed

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Kris | 34448 comments Mod
A long shot - Pasadena by David Ebershoff?

Is this book for young adults (teens) or older adults? Does the story follow them into adulthood?

Cleo | 20 comments Thanks for your suggestion Kris. No it's not Pasadena. The novel is a YA stand-alone novel. I've edited the title to reflect this.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments Did you read this book in the 60s/70s or much later?
Anything about the cover?

Cleo | 20 comments Tab wrote: "Did you read this book in the 60s/70s or much later?
Anything about the cover?"

I actually read in the 1980's but I think it was published much earlier. What I remember of the cover is a girl with blonde hair in the foreground and orange groves in the background. The cover was very typically 1960s/70s vintage type.

Cleo | 20 comments Bumping this in hope that someone will recognise it...

Cleo | 20 comments Yes!!!! This is it. Thank you so much Kris!

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Kris | 34448 comments Mod
Great! Glad you found your book, Cleo. Your description of the cover image was spot on.

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