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Die Essener, Qumran, Johannes der Täufer und Jesus: Ein Sachbuch
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Henry Sturcke | 405 comments There are a few issues with this book. First off, there are two errors in the book description. This was originally published as a paperback, not a hardback. To my knowledge, there was never a hb. edition in the original language, which was German, not English, as the description currently maintains.
Second, there is no cover image. I have taken a photo of my copy and uploaded it to my profile.
You might want to add the text from the back cover as a description of the contents, here it is:
Was verbirgt sich wirklich hinter dem Geheimnis von Qumran? Was war die tatsächliche Zweickbestimmung der Qumran-Siedlung? Was steckt hinter den geheinmisvollen Vorstellungen der Essener? War Johannes der Täufer ursprünglich ihr Anhänger? Wurden Taufe und Abendmahl schon in Qumran praktiziert, längst bevor es Christen gab? Was ist die Besonderheit Jesu? Durch die spektakulären Handschriftenfunde sind erstmals gesicherte Antworten auf solche Fragen möglich. Stegemann zeigt, dass seriöse Wissenschaft spannender und faszinierender sein kann als alle spekulative Enthüllungsliteratur.
Finally, I see that the English translation of this title has been created three separate times, but not linked to the original. They can be found:
Thanks in advance for your help in fixing all this.

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thanks for such detailed corrections. I think I got all the suggestions and I changed language to German

fyi thanks for your photo but I went with the one on amazon which was the same but just a bit better. We often can't use photos found online except certain sites but amazon is a site we can use.

Henry Sturcke | 405 comments Thanks muchly, Corinne. That was a lot to work on, and the entry is much better than before. Just two small problems remain. It says that the original title was in English, and that it was first published 1998. In fact, the German is the original, and it was published in 1993. Could this be corrected?
Glad Amazon had a shot without the reflection that I had on mine.

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Henry Sturcke | 405 comments Super! Thanks very much, Corinne.

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