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Favorites and least favorites (characters)

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message 1: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Z. (deadcandancebuticannot) | 3 comments ***WARNING! POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR ALL SERIES!!!***
Anyone have a favorite character? A least favorite? And when I say least favorite, I don't mean it as a bad thing, because its super impressive when an author can make you feel a certain way about a character. So yeah, I love all the characters (they are my besties) but these are mine:
Candy Shop War: I pretty much liked everyone (even the villains)
Fablehaven: my favorites were Warren, Bracken, and (I know its bad) Gavin. My least favorite was the Sphinx but at the same time he was my favorite because his character development was SO impressive! I was just mad about his betrayal... He totally surprised me!
Beyonders: Ferrin was my favorite. Once again great character development. I didn't like Farfalee that much. I felt like she was pretty rude to Drake.... But she was cool at the same time.... Ack! So many mixed feelings!
The Five Kingdoms: Jace was my fav. I don't really have a least favorite....
So yeah! Open discussion!

message 2: by Jillian (new)

Jillian (geekktragedy) | 12 comments Hmmm well...

Candy Shop War: Same, I loved all of the characters and I don't remember every single character *that* well (oh no I need to reread these books!!) but one of my favorites was Pigeon, and I thought the idea of the two twins in the sequel was really creative so I liked them

Fablehaven: Seth was great and I loved his relationship with Kendra a lot! Warren is definitely one of my favorites too and obviously Bracken :), I had mixed feelings about Vanessa but I did actually like her a little whoops

Beyonders: Yes Ferrin! His ending in the third book was really bittersweet ("ending" not including his cameo in another series ;)). He was really misguided but I still liked him a lot along with basically all of the other characters :D

Five Kingdoms: Hmmm. Jace is definitely great (even tho I kept thinking about the Jace from TMI who's also a snarky guy with curly golden hair), I also like Mira a lot and the torivor too, in a weird way.

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