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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Ok what about this?

The maid is the younger sister of the assassin but they’ve been separated for years because they were orphaned in their teens and the sister was able to go off to work at the castle and the brother got employed to work as a blacksmith apprentice turned mercenary, when he meets the other mercenary and they become friends, only to be separated when assassin becomes an assassin because the pay is way better. His dream is to buy enough land and labor to build him and his sister a house, but now that he’s got this new assignment, he has to struggle with pursuing his dream and hurting his sister’s friend, or giving up on that dream and let his sister continue to be friends with a princess and watch her work as a maid with no aspirations for the rest of her life.

Mercenary is able to hold assassin’s sister over his head and use that to protect the princess? I don’t know what you imagine for the princess and mercenary plots to be...

Maid is just trying to get by from day to day. She’s constantly busy with work around the castle and doesn’t have much time to socialize outside of her time waiting on the princess’s every need. She struggles with being stuck in her class level, unable to fully relate to the person she is closest to yet unable to afford much better. Maybe she tries to befriend the mercenary since he’s starting to guard the princess more after an assassination attempt and the mercenary is friendly but only because he knows he can use her against the assassin?

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments I don’t see how he gains control by killing the princess. Maybe he contacts the people hiring the assassin and works out a deal with them? Like the family is all we hired a perfectly capable assassin, but the mercenary is like I can do his job and then kill him faster than he can kill the princess. Then does a deal like if he holds up his end, not only does he get all the gold promises to the assassin, but he also gets his own title and land with servants?

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments I’d prefer a happy ending.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Ok I can work with that :)

Name: Jack Smith

Age: 24

Gender: Male


(view spoiler)

Goal: Make enough money to afford a home and land for him and his sister to live comfortably.

Approach: Work as an assassin, protect his sister, but trim the fat around her social circle.

Name: Henley Smith

Age: 24

Gender: Female

(view spoiler)

Goal: Make ends meet, keep her job, make life as a servant more comfortable by making friends with the princess and others.

Approach: Don't make waves, work hard, try and stay positive.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments The clouds moved slowly today, Henley observed as she worked to hang the freshly washed sheets. The breeze was light, but the sun wasn't so hot that she missed it. She could hear some of the other servants bustling in the background. She waves to them as they pass, wondering if they are having a good day as well. She estimates the time is near the height of day, meaning she needs to check in with the princess soon. Finishing up with the laundry, then briskly makes her way back into the castle, weaving through the servant passageways until she's outside the dining hall. The family should just be finishing their afternoon meal.

"Henley. Hair." A voice comes quietly from behind her. Michael, the head butler, is motioning to her untucked strands. He's an older gentleman with graying hair and a mustache that only seems to add to his stern expression. He attended to the queen as well as managed the rest of the maids and butlers in the estate.

"Yes. My apologies." She whispers hastily as she frantically tucks the hairs away and smooths her skirts. Her uniform was the traditional plain, black dress with a white, ruffled apron. Henley takes a breath and folds her hands in front of her lap with her head down, waiting for the princess's arrival.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Michael fell away with the Queen and Henley remained, waiting patiently. However, after a few minutes, she was beginning to wonder if the princess had even attended lunch. She hadn't been doing well, which wasn't surprising given her circumstances and probably wouldn't eat at all if it weren't for her attendants urging her too. The maid bit the inside of her cheek unsurely. Should she go in? It wasn't the typical procedure, but if the princess wasn't there, she might be waiting all day!

"Poor dear..." Another maid whispers as she exits the dining room. Was her name... Ellina?
"Excuse me." Henley grabs at the woman's sleeve gently, "Is the princess in there? I'm supposed to attend to her."
The sad look in the young woman's eyes confirms it for her. "She is, the poor dove. She's just sitting there, staring. Go ahead and fetch her. Maybe take her outside while the weather is favorable."
"Thank Ellina was it?" She blushed. Oh god, what if she got the name wrong?
"Oh! You know my name? I'm surprised. I hardly know anyone's name around here aside from Andrew. And that's only because he wouldn't stop going on about it being a family name. He's a chatty one, but he's pretty so the girls can be forgiving."
"O-oh?" Why had the conversation even turned this way? "Well, I'm Henley. I hope we can run into each other again. It would be nice to chat sometime?"
"Of course, little Hen, I'll be sure to catch you up on the castle gossip. It's a curse having all these secrets and no one to tell them to, but since you're with the princess you must not chat with the rest of the staff much."
"Er, no. Not really."
"Alright then, Hen, see you around, take care of the dove!"
The maids said their goodbyes and Henley slipped through the door into the dining room. True to Ellina's word, Princess Silver was still at the table, staring at nothing in particular. She quickly made her way to the girl's side, placing a hesitant hand on her shoulder.

"Excuse me, your Highness? Are you feeling well?"

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Henley cocks her head to the side, considering the girl for a moment with a small frown. Royalty apologizing to the help felt wrong, especially when she hadn't done anything wrong aside from getting lost in thought. The maid crouched beside the princess's chair and gave her a knowing smile.

"I know you're going through a hard time, M'lady. I don't have any family of my own either." She slip the princess's chair out to allow her to stand. "I also know we aren't close enough for you to feel comfortable around me just yet, but I hope, one day, we can change that." She bows deeply before the princess. "Your Highness could never offend me, though I do hope I didn't startle you too much just now. Would you like to retire to your quarters? Or the courtyard is lovely given today's weather. Which would m'lady prefer?"

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments It felt odd when the princess addressed her with such respect. Royalty didn't call the help by "Miss" or "Sir," at least not in her experience.

"It's just Henley, your Grace." She notes, then considers her next words before continuing, "You could also call me Hen for short if you like." She smiles and follows the young princess out of the dining room, maintaining the appropriate distance behind her as she walked.

Henley hadn't been assigned to the princess for very long. After the former king and queen passed, there was an uncomfortable rearrangement of the staff. Many of the older staff had been let go to make room for the new family's existing servants, Henley being among them. She'd been with the family since she was young and she had to separate with her brother.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Hen smiles softly, appreciative that the princess would even give her consideration. "I have no preference, your Highness. Thank you." The sun hits her cheeks as they arrive at the courtyard and she is relieved the weather is still warm and bright.

"Silver is a lovely name as well. Your parents would have given it much consideration and care. You must bear is proudly." She offers. The rose bushes are in full bloom, filling the garden with a soothing scent.


Jack is achingly still, perched in a tree overlooking the courtyard. The princess and her handmaiden are taking a stroll. He watches the pair silently, taking notes of their movement and nature. Day one was always observation. From there it should take him only a week to plan and execute a flawless assassination. He was surprised the new King and Queen wanted the young princess dead already. Surely they had years before the young dove would pose any semblance of a threat. She was so thin and fragile looking, she'd probably shatter if he so much as tripped her.

The maid... she looked familiar. He knew his sister was working in the castle as a maid, but would the family really assign someone so young to the princess? Perhaps they simply didn't care for the amount of experience the princess's servants had and kept the experienced ones to themselves. Not that it made a difference. If it was Henley, he would work around her. This job was in part to benefit her after all.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments ((Hey sorry! got bogged down with applications and work this week! I'll crank a post out in a bit. And how you want to bring Fox in is up to you! Maybe he's on his way to meet with the royal family before getting assigned to Silver? Idk))

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Henley pinched her arm as punishment for bringing up the Princess's family in such a way. She's clearly distraught, Hen! She mentally slapped herself.

Before she could finish scolding herself, the princess was off to admire the flowers, speaking multiple languages, though Hen only understood the one phrase. She stayed silent, allowing her Highness some time for her inner thoughts and also because she was not learned enough to talk in multiple languages. She fell in step behind the young girl as she went to rest.

"Are you tired, my lady? Shall I send for something to eat or drink?" She asked, concerned. She wondered if the girl had even toughed her lunch today.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments The maid flinched at the princess's acknowledgement of her punishment. She hadn't intended for her to see. She nodded curtly. "Yes, your Grace."

The girl's question brought her back to reality. She opened her mouth to answer until Silver continued to speak. She listened, her heart aching for the poor dove there was a clear sadness and pain in the eyes of the princess that carried a weight Henley herself was far from understanding. She'd lost her family as well, but she didn't have the future responsibility of the kingdom looming over her head or the type of lifestyle that Silver had grown accustomed to before suddenly being shut out not just by a good number of servants, but her own blood as well.

She got the feeling that the princess may be no longer speaking of the actual garden. She wished she had a more clever response. The look in the girl's eyes was so far off, even if she responded, would she hear her?

"You enjoy them. As a princess, that means something. Maybe when you become queen and have little princes and princesses of your own, you can show them the beautiful gardens as well." She offers a smile, though she doubts her words can comfort the broken soul. "As a maid, I'm happy to help tend to them when I can. The scents are comforting. I've never seen a garden so lovely. When I was younger, my family had a bush. It didn't flower, but in the fall it would turn multiple colors and we would say it was blooming. Silly, but important to me. We just had a bush and you have a garden. I think there's always hope for good memories if you have a beautiful garden." She's probably rambling at this point, but what else can she do?

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments "It depends how you look at it." Henley eyes a nearby bush thoughtfully, standing as she saw the princess did. "There is sadness if you choose to look at it that way. No amount of grooming can weed out the spiders and poisonous creatures. Flowers are beautiful, but they're fleeting. Everything here dies, but there's the promise of growth and birth in new generations. As the future queen, I would hope one day you'd see hope in the kingdom you create, so future generations prosper where past ones were unable to."

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments ((hey sorry this is taking me forever, I just don't know where this scene is going or what the purpose of it is, so I am struggling with it.))

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Henley smiles encouragingly, "It can represent a lot so long as you have the eyes and mind to think of it. Perhaps that's why it's a good place to ponder. There's always much to think of and compare it to. Do you think you'll come here to ponder when you're queen?" Hen asks conversationally. She hoped the girl might find some hope in the future, although the present was bleak. If anything, it might help her endure.

((Jack is just observing right now, so I don't feel there is much to say for him at the moment. How did you want me to do the king?))

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments King Clarion was a man who valued power. His wife was chosen because her family was prestigious and owned a large amount of land. Her temperament was suitable to serve the crown as well as command the respect of those around her. The feeling of walking into a room, causing a hush to fall over the crowds was a feeling of such elation, it may have been the sole reason he allowed his wife to host balls and galas. She was an ambitious woman, almost passing on Prince Clarion in favor of holding out for his elder brother. Luckily for Clarion, his brother's interests lied elsewhere.

He'd promised Agatha on their wedding day that he would give her a kingdom. Of course, he would have taken it for himself anyways, but that was beside the point. The point was that he was also ambitious, no longer content to live in his brother's shadow and eager to rule his own country. So far, the transition was moving along smoothly. Brother dead. Check. Shift of power. Check. Loyal staff transition. Check. Now just one more piece of the puzzle was left. Ensure no challenge to power.

Princess Silver was made to inherit the kingdom when she comes of age. Of course, with King Clarion enjoying his current status and having no intention of changing his title in the next few years, needed to be sure no claim to the crown would want to do so. Silver was a rather quiet, unimpressive girl as it was, so he imagined her absence wouldn't be noticed much. Her title, however, was what threatened him and it was for this title he knew he could not allow her to live.

As it were, he knew he would have to hire an assassin and make it look like an accident. Citizens holding out for her 18th birthday would likely suspect his regime to be responsible of her death, so the fault could not be obvious.

Some council members made contact with an assassin and hired him for the job, but the King was still unsettled. He'd never met the assassin in the first place, how could he trust his resolve when he couldn't confirm his eyes belonged to a heart of stone?

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments Clarion watches as the doors open and the man known as Insidious Fox walks in. The heavens knew his reputation wasn't good, but that was because he was a businessman. He subjected himself to the muck of morality for a profit. He was exactly the right person for this job.

"I suppose you know why you have been summoned." The King croned, motioning for the man to kneel before him as he spoke.

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DragonDreamer | 679 comments The King nodded once in affirmation. "I have been told that our man is in position, so I am trusting you to give him an opening so the job can be completed swiftly. Alert no one of our intentions and I don't believe threats are necessary to impress upon you what happens should you fail or reveal any information to another soul." He sounded his heavy scepter against the stone floor twice and a mousy servant bustled in quickly to drop off garments, then left just as fast without making a sound. "You are expected to start your new job tomorrow morning after breakfast. The last guard has, unfortunately, fallen terribly ill."

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