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message 1: by ☕ Lachgas ♿ (last edited Oct 04, 2017 05:05PM) (new)

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6177 comments Might sound slighty weird but it's simple.
came across books were another cover was uploaded to all editions yesterday.

Here was no revert neccessary because for some reason it had the ASIN but no cover (according to log) and the upload seems legit - if that book would still exist. which it doesn't.
(amazon doesn't have it and the reviews mention that according to author it didn't exist in 2016 already)

Setting back the other edition to original cover + as ACE was easy, but what's with that cover on the ASIN version?
Keep it?
Delete and have none? (but an ACE for an edition which has no cover? would sound weird)

My thought was if someone had asked in forum to upload that cover we would have asked for a source to verify ASIN matches cover and as that source doesn't exist (and I doubt it was the first cover because there would be no reason to upload it over one several years old then like happened on the ACE) we would've to tell them "sorry, we can't verify and can't upload that".

I say sorry if that sounds too clumsy - if it's not comprehensible I'll try to clear that up after some sleep and coffee. (going to bed now so won't read answers until morning)

message 2: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10790 comments I don't think I completely understand the issue with this book. If you want to revert the edits so this edition has no cover:
- Is the problem we don't know if this cover was ever used for this ASIN?
- Or you don't know if it was the original cover for that ASIN?

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6177 comments I doubt it's a valid cover at all.
1. it was uploaded to the now blue/greenish other edition also (I reverted that and made it an ACE because that greenish one was valid for years) what wouldn't make sense if the greenish one would be the newest and the orange the first ever.
2. uploading totally different covers (looking way more modern) to books and all their editions on that same date seemed a pattern according to the logs (I did a lot of reverts and ACE on other books which some seem to be nonexisting at the moment too)
3. it doesn't exist anywhere, not even as mention on her page, so why creating a new cover for it without having it listed anywhere?
(the asin just brings the amazon dogs up on and doesn't work on .de neither)
4. it's published 2011 - that cover looks a bit too modern for being the first one I think

If I remove the orange one because I do not see any evidence it exists or has existed there would be a blank kindle with asin, which would look a bit weird with having an "alternate cover" as other edition...
(and there should be evidence if she uploads that on 3rd october on both editions)

But well ... as I can't proove anything because nothing exists anymore I might just let it go and should not spent anymore time (than the 4+ hours to revert and create ACE) on it ...
and perhaps some people are happy for having a cover at all, no matter if that was on that book ever.

message 4: by Renske (new)

Renske | 10790 comments The author added the new covers, so it could be new covers that will be published soon.
I would flag the remove of the covers, so the staff can handle that.

If an edition is listed without cover, adding a cover that is/was a some point a valid cover for that ISBN/ASIN is not incorrect, whether it is the first/most recent/any cover in between that.

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