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Horcruxes vs. Voldemort Himself

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Julia I have a question about the nature of how Voldemort is able to come back with the use of a Horcrux (namely the diary). Looking back at Philosopher's Stone, when Harry touches Quirrell, Quirrell's body is destroyed. The part of Voldemort that was living within him escapes in a less-than-human form. (I struggle with that as well, since a Horcrux is something linked so tightly to the soul that when the Horcrux is destroyed, so is the piece of the soul. I have heard the term "temporary Horcrux" thrown around, which I think is a contradiction of ideas, but I can accept that maybe the main part of Voldemort's soul could escape from Quirrell because other Horcruxes existed, making Voldemort immortal/non-killable.) Anyways, the part of Voldemort that escapes from Quirrell becomes (skipping ahead now) the baby-shaped Voldemort that Wormtail tends in Goblet of Fire. With the help of Harry's blood, Tom Riddle Sr.'s bone, and Wormtail's hand, Voldemort regains his body.

Looking in between Quirrell's death and Voldemort's reincarnation, Tom Riddle's diary Horcrux enters Hogwarts. When Harry confronts Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets, Riddle is moments away from regaining life by draining Ginny's life. If successful, Voldemort would have had a body again and be fully alive (as Tom Riddle)...but wouldn't the original part of Voldemort, the part that left Quirrell and was used to regrow his body in the graveyard, have still existed?

From the quote below, we know that the two forms would not have combined into one:

Ron: "Isn’t there any way of putting yourself back together?"
Hermione: "Yes, but it would be excruciatingly painful… Remorse. You’ve got to really feel what you’ve done. There’s a footnote. Apparently the pain of it can destroy you. I can’t see Voldemort attempting it somehow, can you?"

So what do you think? Maybe the Voldemort that escaped Quirrell would have just faded away because a fully formed Voldemort had been recreated. Or maybe the infant-sized Voldemort would have come back stronger on its own, taking the place of the sixteen-year-old Voldemort rather than the two pieces fusing together.


Shelby I don't have an answer to this....but now you definitely have me questioning it as well!

Tyler Davis This has been a thought of mine for a long time. It really bothers me a lot. So I am glad this question is being asked. It confuses me because it allows him to essentially be in multiple places at once. Which is a quality of a deity. So does that make Voldemort some sort of deity or what have you? I've always been confused by this ha. sorry if this just makes it more confusing.

Julia I have a guess after thinking about it a bit (and being currently on a re-read of Half-Blood Prince).... We know from the quote I provided that it is impossible for Voldemort to feel the remorse needed for him to put the two pieces of his soul back together, however, I believe it would be possible for him to house both pieces within his body as separate entities. Keep in mind that with the exception of creating a Horcrux in Harry when the Killing Curse back-fired, I don't think he ever created a Horcrux the moment he committed a murder. When he went to kill Harry, he already had five Horcruxes and a sixth piece of his soul within his body. He meant to split this sixth piece by murdering Harry, and he wanted to use that death to make Nagini his sixth horcrux (following the diary, ring, locket, cup, and diadem). But it was never stated that he had Nagini with him when he went to Godric's Hollow, and I am actually sure that his snake was far from Harry's house--otherwise, wouldn't it have just eaten baby Harry after Voldemort disappeared?? So if Nagini was not with him, Voldemort meant to split his soul and carry the two fragments within his body until he could cast a spell to place one in the snake. (Keep in mind, too, that many other Dark Wizards could have split their soul--Bellatrix comes to mind--but never went as far as to place a portion in another object.) So it is *possible* to hold two separate pieces in one body, without fusing them back together.

My guess is that Tom Riddle in the diary intended to find his less-than-human form, which was essentially just a fragment of his soul floating through the world, and house it temporarily in his re-grown body--this would be similar to how this piece took residence in Quirrel's body without actually binding to him and becoming a Horcrux. Voldemort then would have two pieces of a soul within him, but I don't doubt that he would soon find another object to make into a replacement Horcrux with the piece of soul from the diary.

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R.S. Merritt It would seem that he possibly didn't make all the Horcruxes at the same time. The ones he made first would have 'more' of himself in them. His acts of cruelty to enable the magic to include that material component in his 'web of Horcruxes' would have been even more significant... My theory would be that not all Horcruxes are created the same making some weaker than others and some much stronger. I'd assume over time they grow, like any living thing, so the first one created would have more soul and would have grown more over time and developed more of a sense of self preservation.

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