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message 1: by Chris (new)

Chris S. | 26 comments Hi all,

I'm looking for any willing people to read my sci-fi MS about the beings who terraformed their world for the new settlers who will colonize it. It's complete and ready for reading. Thanks!

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris S. | 26 comments Sorry, I'm new here. Here's a brief summary:
Augustine and Benjamin have awoken from their century-long hibernation and welcome the colonists who sent them a millennium ago to terraform their new world, Boea. When the new settlers dig them up, however, they don’t understand who these two “people” are or how they got there.
The once-synthetic Preforms of Boea have changed their simple bodies to flesh and blood so that they can assimilate with the new colonists who they thought had sent them long ago. Two bonded Preforms, Benjamin and Augustine, are shown the knowledge, wealth, and power of this new civilization. The colonists learn more about the Preforms as well. A great ability the Preforms themselves don’t know they have. When applied to torturous machinery, the Preforms are found to manipulate space-time for instantaneous travel, and are exploited for it.
Many Preforms disappear all over Boea, including Benjamin, where Augustine begins her search to bring them all back. Oblivious of her prized ability, not only must Augustine find her missing people and her love, but she must uncover the mystery of what she is, and where she really came from.

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