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Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Yay we're almost at the end!!! Post your spoilery thoughts about Chapters 26-29 of TSIYH!

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Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
I was about to be very angry if Ollie and Darby had died! But it's okay. I am on the other hand not happy with how Alex died. I think because everything happened so fast towards the end, she was kind of overlooked and she didn't get the thought from me she deserved.

I can't decide if I felt like the end was rushed or if it was just super fast to create suspense. Probably a mixture of both. In a way the end of the book started half way through because we find out who the killer is so early. I was on the edge of my seat for the end of this book and sped through it.

So much more emotion could have been ripped out of Darby after Alex's death. The foundation was there and there was potential but seconds after he lets out a scream, he's up back on his feet to find David. I understand that they want to find him but I don't think this is how I would have reacted especially if her head is nearly clean off her body. The same with Makani when she thinks Ollie and Darby are dead. She shows little emotion after Alex dies. Then her other best friend dies and her boyfriend and she doesn't seem to react much. Maybe she is just shocked. I don't know. I just felt like so much more could have been done. Also I don't understand how Darby was okay?... Alex is hurt and struggling to breath but conscious on the floor. Darby is up and runny helping Makani out of a pool of corn.

I am glad that we got to hear from David himself why he killed who he killed; it provided clarity. Although I didn't think it was the most inventive or believable of reasons as to why he mutilated his victims, it was better than the theories.

Something that REALLY annoyed me was that the end scene took place in a maze or field of corn whilst a massive celebration was happening. Hundreds of college students and parents were also in that corn field/maze. Some of them may have been big, bulky, strong football players. Some of them may have been fat. And the majority of them would have been older and bigger than David. He is described at the beginning as very slim; he was so small he could have been mistaken for a girl. So why couldn't one of these adults have helped? In a realistic world, they easily would have been able to hold him down. Why did they all run when told to by high school students to leave?! Why didn't they help?!...

I also don't understand how David was able to almost completely slice Alex's head off whilst being attacked and held down by 5 students. Again he was described as small yet he was able to kill someone and escape Makani, Ollie, Darby, Rosemarie and Alex? Yet Rosemarie was able to stab him with her pitch fork thing whilst fighting him alone? Even if he was stronger than five student, surely this injury would have made him vulnerable against 5 uninjured students? This just did not make sense to me unfortunately.

Also what kind of knife was he using if he was able to nearly slice someones head off whilst four other people attacked him? Where did he get something like that?! And how would he have concealed it before he started killing?

Then was then able to chase Makani whilst she was running fast, with a stab wound in his lower abdomen from Rosemarie's pitch fork?

So unfortunately I think the end of this book was a serious downfall and a disappointment. I was loving it until these last two sections and it's a shame.

Maria Lopez | 85 comments Mod
I really didn't like the reason David was doing the killings.. the ending was disappointing. I don't think I would've minded if Ollie would've died.. Makani killing David was sooo dramatic.

This book just didn't do it for me. The only part I actually liked was when Makani and Ollie were being attacked at her house. The romance was nice too sometimes.

Idk it kind of reminded me of like a bad movie where teens solve a murder? Like have any of you watched Riverdale? I got that vibe from it but it like wasn't good...

I love Perkins other work but I'm not sure thrillers are for her...

Olivia (livwithbooks) | 34 comments Mod
I really don't understand the reasoning behind David mutilating and chopping up the bodies or what the different body parts were supposed to mean. I think it was too specific for to have just been "for fun" yet it was never fully explained.
At no point was I particularly blown away by this book but end was especially a let down.
And I completely agree with you Maria, I hated the reasoning behind the killings. It was SUCH a cop out. It would have been better if Stephanie had gone with the whole bullying story line.

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