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Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Post your spoilery thoughts about Chapters 6-10 of TSIYH!

Maria Lopez | 85 comments Mod
I'm liking Ollie & Makanis relationship more, I think it was so cute that he took her to the fields because she missed Hawaii! But like wtf was that phone call... I don't fully trust Ollie but I don't think he's the killer because it would be too predictable.
The story isn't scaring me at all... I'm kind of disgusted with the way Mat(I think that's his name, the football guy) was killed (his brain smashed to mush 🤢🤢) but I don't think it's scary? Lol. Anyway I really like that Ollie gets along with the grandma. The friends (Derby & Alex) are kind of judgey but I guess I get where they're coming from.
I just wanna know who's doing the killing!

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
Yes I agree with you Maria! I am absolutely loving Ollie and Makanis relationship! I am getting so many feels it is so good. Their chemistry is amazing. Like when the reporters are ambushing them an Ollie puts his arm round Makani... Awh so sweet! When they are in Ollie's room making out and then they start to take each other's clothes off and then Chris is standing in the doorway! That was so funny! I wanted it to go further but loved that there is humour and romance as well as scary scenes.

Chris is a character that I hope we will get to see more of. Even if it's just a little bit more. He is really funny I think. I loved when he interviewed Makani and requested to question her! When he asks where she was and she blushes telling him she was with her brother. I blushed myself feeling the same embarrassment she must have felt.

I don't think Ollie is the killer but also have no idea who it is... We know for sure it is someone that Matt knew. I don't think the way people are being killed is scary. It is kind of grim. But the thrill and suspense of the objects being moved and things being left open is what's scaring me. I am imagining it and feel as if I am there.

I'm not sure on Alex. I like Darby and Alex as individuals but all of a sudden they aren't really in much of the book. I know Makani is now kind of focusing on her relationship with Ollie so she's taking a step back from her friends and moving towards him. But I don't know.

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
If Alex isn't the killer then she as a character has really flopped. As has Darby. I hope they don't disappear from the main story completely.

Olivia (livwithbooks) | 34 comments Mod
You guys think I'm officially not cut out to read horror type books. Matt's death scene literally made me want to puke!

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
Awh Liv haha I know what you mean! It was pretty brutal. I literally felt like I was watching a horror film. I don't know if you get this too but as soon as its daytime, I let out a massive breath that I was holding all throughout the scenes that were in the dark. In the book I would be like ahh relax, after the murder chapter ended.

Maria Lopez | 85 comments Mod
LOL ya'll cannot read Stephen King

Olivia (livwithbooks) | 34 comments Mod
Haha I don't plan to! Yes, I'm exactly the same Nicole!

Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
I’m starting to grow on Ollie and Makani’s relationship more and more, having read no Stephanie Perkins books before this, I can see why she’s so famous for her romances novels. I kind of want to think Ollie is the killer?? Because he’s really suspicious and a bit shady, but like Maria said, it’d be way too predictable. My bets are on either Alex or Darby. Alex because her character to me has changed quite a bit, especially with her in-depth questions about the murders. Darby, because I just feel like it’s always who I don’t suspect LOL! But both were trying to steer Makani away from Ollie, so maybe they’re possibly trying to frame him?? I just wanna know who’s doing it lol!!!!

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