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Guards have their own little places to rest and do paperwork, as well as get updates on schedules, socialize, and move out to their block as quickly as possible.

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Nova  (msn0va) Jessica settles in front of a computer terminal composing herself after seeing the condition of Penderson and pulls up his file. As she thought, he is heavily sedated at night. During the day he is on a heavy regiment of central nervous system medication, anti depressants, PTSD meds and anti anxiety. Pfizer pharmaceuticals stock will soar from him. If he was in hell, the mother of minds would have him better in no time without drugs. Deciding then and there to put in for the day shift and volunteering to cover during the day for other guards who want time off, she pulls out the forms one by one, glad she doesn’t need much sleep. Finally, she looks at the pile of papers she has to fill out and sighs “Ye gads. Could they have given us any more forms? Perhaps a form for piling up forms on one's desk.” with a super sarcastic tone. She quickly gets busy, half expecting to have to sign in blood somewhere. The inmates will be awake for breakfast soon so she had better hurry.

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