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Here are all the cameras that the guards use to watch and observe their prisoners. If you have a guard, feel free to do all "Meta-Gaming" stalking from this thread, making as many hilarious asides as possible.

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Nova  (msn0va) Jessica leans back in her chair as she watches the monitors. She clicks the center one to tune into cell number 28. Home to Michael Louis Penderson, inmate number 387. She smiles and chimes “♫ Found you!♩” Her smile turns to horror as she notices the small disks on his upper forehead. Obviously where horns once were. Her hand goes up to her mouth as her eyes widen. She had heard of such atrocities but has never seen them. She looks over the sleeping figure carefully, panning the camera closer. Easily notices he has no wings as he sleeps under the covers. He would not be able to hide them if they were there. She knows he had horns and wings when he was in hell last, it was in the report she read. Her hand goes from her mouth to the monitor, touching it with the tip of her fingers softly “Who could have done such a terrible thing?” Her eyes moisten as they reflect the dim light of the monitors back. Her sorrow turns to anger. Her chest expands as she seethes, balling up her hands into small fists. “They call us evil.” She gets up to storm to his cell, stops short as she thinks better of it. “Let me finish reading his file.” She heads to the security office

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