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There is a place where families and friend may sit with their convicted buddy. There's also a sectioned off telephone area if any visitors actually fear for their lives...

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Nova  (msn0va) Jessica brings Michael Penderson, number 387 into the pay phone area. She takes off his cuffs and hands him a calling card. There is usually a line for the phones but today it is pretty short. Only two inmates in front of Mike. Still, this could take a while. She nods politely to any other guards here escorting their inmates, sits down with her tea and a newspaper. She is not much for small talk or making connections with people that will not be in her life for longer than the blink of an eye. The inmates in front of Mike may be long winded. There is a fifteen minute time limit for the phones so even if they talk for the maximum, it is limited.

With a sigh she turns the page of her paper, muttering how insane the world is today.

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I've been looking forward to this since yesterday. I've not been so happy in a long time until I saw that strange little guard at my cell door. Walking to the pay phones with a spring in my step. Humming all the way and when she handed me that card, I smiled from ear to ear. I didn't even mind waiting on line or keying in all those numbers to make the call. I had the captain's private number memorized. We were friends and we go way back.

“Hello Captain? It's me Mike, Mike Penderson.”
“Yeah, I know, I'm in Prison. Nanbaka. I woke up here.”
“No, I have't been charged as far as I know. No one has said a bloody thing. If I ask too many questions, I get an injection.”
“Can you get me outta here?”
“Well yeah, I was in hell and I am not talking about my marriage.”
“Russians? No not Russians, demons. Real hell.”
“Well, the insurance company will have to go after my X-wife for the insurance money. Didn't waste any time declaring me dead, eh? I just left her on as the beneficiary by accident. Did not have time to completely fill out the papers & submit them before the accident. How the heck was I suppose to know the jet would blow up? I had the papers in my locker.”
“Great, if they gave the contents to her, or course she burnt the papers.”
“What? Insurance fraud? No way. If she put in for the money she is the one they should go after, not me.”
“What? An accessory? Why would I want to make the bimbo that dumped me rich? That's crazy!”
“Of course it was over a million dollars. We were talking about having kids. A man takes care of his family. Being a test pilot is dangerous work.”
“You're kidding? They wanna add espionage, treason and insurance fraud to my charges? But I'm innocent, you know me for how many years Captain? You think I would do that?”
“Yeah, I know espionage and treason are capital offenses.”
“Proof? Of course I have no proof. How can I prove anything? The only proof I have are the torture marks on my body.”
“Yeah, I know how it looks.”
Long pause then a deep sigh
“Yeah, I understand, it looks bad, real bad. OK, I appreciate anything you can do, but don't stick your neck out.”
“Looks like someone means business when it comes to me & I don't want you to get caught up in it.”
“Give my regards to the wife and kids.”
“You too. Good bye.”

     I hand the phone card back to the little guard deflated & down.
“Thanks. It looks like I won't be getting out of here anytime soon. I am in more trouble that I thought. Once I am deemed competent, the US armed forces want to send some MP's here to interrogate me."
    "To make matters worse, I will have more charges tagged on. That will mean a longer sentence, like life, if I don't face a firing squad.” Sighs “The captain is going to forget about this call but it is only a matter of time before...”
     I extend my hands for the cuffs and ask “Can you please just shoot me?”

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Nova  (msn0va) Jessica stands up. Close enough to hear his side of the conversation, her forehead is knitted in a frown. “No one is shooting anyone. Besides, I don't have a gun.” Takes one of his hands in hers and snarls “Fuck the cuffs. Let's go.” So uncharacteristic of her to curse. She always acts like she graduated the top of her class of charm school. Always formal and polite, carefully measuring her words. Not this time. This time she is annoyed at how upset he is. She leads him down the hallway back to his cell, holding his hand, not his hand cuff lead.

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John (( Continued in Mike's cell ))

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