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This is a generic set of hallways. When they should not be in use, they are heavily trapped with deadly systems. They lead from cell to cell, to the solitary confinement, and out towards the metro, the guards, and even the outside. The hallways change when not in use to lead to a confusing maze of death. Good luck!

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Nova  (msn0va) Jessica looks out over the landscape under the night sky.

Most mortals are not comfortable in the dark, but she is. For them light is the only way to see. For her, light blinds everything. They are blind in the dark. She sees the dark alive with color. Living things dazzle with patterns. Outside is even more brilliant as the landscape and plants show blues, purples and even their own slight heat. Insects show patterns with the brightest teal. Between infrared and ultraviolet, nature puts on a quite a night show that she never gets tired of. She wonders if this is nature's way of paying her for such poor vision in the light. If so, she came out ahead. The doctors that preformed her last eye exam marveled at her unusual eye structure, well as much as she could allow that torturous light in her eyes that is. Why so much poking and prodding? They acted like they never saw an albino before.

Grumbling “The hall patrols would be done in half the time, if it were not for so many traps to avoid, well, at least they have a nice outside area here for breaks.”

Coming in from the outside, making sure that door is locked. She continues her patrol the hallways of building 3. Air temperature differences outline the walls. She can tell when things that have been touched recently, tell tail leftover heat from hand prints of the mortals leave a pretty pattern, but not now. Now it is late. Most of the inmates fast asleep. She was amazed at the staff having a hard time filling the night shift. So peaceful now. She replaced those heavy steel toe boots of her uniform with light deck sneakers, so she could move about quietly. Carefully looking into each cell, admiring the heat patterns of inmates under their covers, brilliant hues of warm colors, like art, no two alike. She felt a tang of pity for them, missing out on this beauty, forgetting for the moment, that most of these inmates are sexual predators, most having other crimes besides sex crimes in their dark histories. “All mammals look so innocent when sleeping, even them.” she whispers as the light from the window make her eyes shine violet in the dark.
She quietly heads back to the security room and the tea she has steeping.

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Nova  (msn0va) “Put your hands out so I can put the cuffs on you 387” As she holds up the cuffs open for him, attached to a long lead chain to her belt. She listens to him ramble his request as she leads him down the hallway. She is happy to see he is not screaming himself hoarse any more but my, he is excited about this. The only wagers she has ever made was with Mephisto and she has lost every one of them. She should have known better than be lured into a wager with the demon god of time, but he is so beguiling. It is so hard to say no to him. I have to be more careful around that one. She snaps herself out of that bit of reminiscing and turns to the task at hand.

She knits her forehead as she ponders his request, she puts her index finger to her lips with one hand, lightly tapping as she thinks while they walk. Coming up with nothing as they head to the cafeteria, she has to ask, even risking seeming ignorant 'I..I don't even know how to do that” Turns and looks up at him “I have never placed a wager on such a thing, I assume by bet you mean wager, on a foot ball game, where would one start on such an endeavor? Would wagers be placed at a convenience store, like where one gets lottery tickets? Or at a wager place, like horse races with their OTB?” She has never gone inside but knew them by the outside and that they were for wagers on horse races away from the track, so she thought there may be places like that for wagers on football. What dose she know? She is a demon.

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	Mike is shocked at her words & gape at her in open mouthed horror. “Wahhhhh?!! You must be a women! Every man knows how to place a bet on sports.” I reach up my cuffed hands and scratch my head in thought “Oh, we are on an island in Japan, right? Hmmmm. Well, the only way to place a bet on American Football here is to go online.” Continuing to be led by the cuffs on my hands down the hall I begin to explain with even more enthusiasm. 
“To bet on football, tell the ticket writer or in the case of online, you would fill it in on the form. It should say something like ticket. The bet number of the team you wish to bet, with the point spread and the amount you wish to bet. The payout, unless stated otherwise, is figured at odds of 10/11. This means that a wager of $11 would win $10 and return $21. This is called a straight bet.” Nods
“I know of a few web sites that we can go on. I can show you how to set up an account, then you can place a bet, and if you bet like I advise, it's a sure thing. 'Cause it is not good to put in bets willy nilly. You have to pay attention to stats, what both team's performance have been, that is where someone like me comes in. I have been following every game and I am a pretty good predictor of the results if I do say so myself.” Puffs myself up proudly as we walk, I gave the best & clearest explanation ever! Yeah!

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Nova  (msn0va) Jessica looks totally confused, as if someone just explained a science calculus equation as related to string theory. Her eyes would spin if physically possible. Stops short, her confused look turns to horror as she realized what he is asking.”Whoa, whoa, whoa there, buster!” Looks around “Do you know where you are? You are in prison.” points to bars on the various doors then to him “That makes you an inmate.” Points to herself. “You see this uniform? That makes me a guard!” Spreading the lapels of her jacket. “Are you trying to get me in trouble by aiding an inmate in gambling?” frowns “Next, you are going to ask me to get you some hooch!” Puts her hands on her hips “Now you best get these nutty thoughts right out of your head with this gambling on the game nonsense.” Wags her index finger back and forth at him “Honestly! You are lucky you get to watch the game!”

Stops as they get to a double door and in a low voice tells him “Now, not another word about this. Any other guard hears of this and they will punished you.” Swings the door open for him, leads him inside, then takes off the cuffs. "Now, go get your breakfast."

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John ((Taken to the cafeteria of building 3 since that is where we are))

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