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Sally taylor I am trying to set a list of goals for my reading. I am going to pick books from the the last 10 on my Want to read list and 1 from the first 10, each month. I also want to make sure to read one short story collection. Which is what I am doing right now with Full Dark, No Stars. I love the first short story, 1922, which I can't wait to see the netflix series.
What are some of your goals? I want to make a list I can actually do. Any ideas would be helpful.

RoseAnn I like your idea of drawing from both the bottom of your list and the top, assuming they are ranked in preference order.

My goal for the year is to read a total of 20 books and I'm making pretty good progress.

As for other goals, what about branching out into other genres, authors or time periods? Several years ago, my sister challenged herself to read more 'classics' - Wuthering Heights, Count of Monte Cristo, Scarlet Letter; she said she found it very enlightening and actually discovered some books that she enjoyed a great deal.

Sally taylor That is a good idea! I haven't read some of the classics since high school, I think I will read them again and see if my understanding of them, as an adult, is different!

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