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message 1: by Kelsey (last edited Oct 04, 2017 12:21PM) (new)

Kelsey With a great suggestion from one of our Snails, Pien, I've created a new discussion thread where we can share ghost stories, experiences, our favorite spooky books, and more, just in the time for Halloween!

To kick off, I'll start with an experience of mine. The house I grew up in, and still live in currently, is haunted. Nothing too bad, and you never have experiences during the day, but at night, all the spirits come out! My house was built in the 1800's, so it makes sense that there would still be some energy left.

So far, my brother and I have heard disembodied voices on more than one occasion. It sounds like a conversation, but it's quiet, and you can't make out more than a few mumbles. There have also been countless times where I've creeped down the stairs with a baseball bat, convinced that someone had broken into our house, due to all the banging downstairs. Of course, each time, there's been no one (living, that is)!

However, the coolest experience I've had so far has been seeing a massive shadow just silently glide across the floor. I actually saw it as a reflection on the TV screen (which was turned off), but I saw it, nonetheless.

My grandparents old house was very haunted, too. It's only a few blocks down from my house, but the sink and the dryer would turn on by themselves, their huge skeleton key would go missing all the time (and be found in the dryer clanking around, when the dryer started by itself), their phone, when they still had cords, would be stretched across the house, resting on the bathroom toilet, and one time, my brother and I got locked out of the house, when the only other person there at the time was my grandmother, who was in the shower. It was also impossible to sleep there, because you could always hear pots and pans banging together in the very early hours of the morning. Perhaps, though, my favorite story came from my grandmother. One night, while she was trying to sleep, her bedroom door slowly creaked open. She got up to shut it closed, because there was a nightlight in the hallway, and it was bugging her. She got back into bed, only to have the door open again. She huffed and once again got up to close it. When she slid into bed this time, it opened, again, for a third time. She was so fed up, she yelled, "goddamn it, knock it off!" The door slammed shut, and never opened by itself again.

I have other stories as well, including a local legend about a werewolf, that I may scatter throughout other comments!

Do you have any ghost experiences you'd like to share? Any paranormal books that spooked you? Do you even believe in ghosts? Comment below!

message 2: by Pien (new)

Pien | 446 comments Oh I couldn’t live in a house like your grandparents! Especially at night!
When I still lived with my parents I sometimes saw the ghost of a man, just passing by without noticing us or the house. Our house was pretty new, but I think another house has been there before, when it was all farmland there.
It wasn’t scary at all, by the way. It felt very normal.
My best friend knew I sometimes saw something / someone, but thought it’d be nice to get some proof somehow. One day the man came walking through our room and without telling about it, I followed him with my eyes.
My friend sitting across the room facing me turned grayish-white; our cat, who I couldn’t see from where I was sitting, had followed him with his eyes exactly the same way I did.
He thought it was very scary, but I was happy to have a little proof myself now I wasn’t the only one.

message 3: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Pien wrote: "Oh I couldn’t live in a house like your grandparents! Especially at night!
When I still lived with my parents I sometimes saw the ghost of a man, just passing by without noticing us or the house. O..."

It wasn't so bad! They weren't scary, and they didn't try to harm us or anything. They were just loud!

That's so interesting, though! I wonder if that spirit was on some kind of loop, like a residual memory/impression? Especially if there was a house on the property before yours.

The library I work at is haunted! It's been here before the American Civil War, so it's very old. I'd heard voices, literally right in my ear, of someone whispering "hey," and one time I heard footsteps so clear that I turned around expecting to find a coworker, yet there was no one. Just this past Saturday, when I was opening the library, I heard rustling, like pages being flipped, and when I went to go see what it was, it stopped. When I left, it started again, and I know for a fact that I was the only one in the library, because I was the only one opening it for the day!

message 4: by StarMan, Co-Mod Space Snail (new)

StarMan (thestarman) | 1826 comments Mod
I grew up hanging out in a haunted library. It was a very old building, formerly a small hospital.

I personally never saw/heard the ghost. But over the year, several patrons (many of whom were from out of town, or had NO idea of the building's history) visiting in the evenings reported glimpsing the same thing:

a woman dressed in white going into offices (formerly patient rooms) or seen briefly around various parts of the library. But of course if they went to talk to her, no one was there. Some said she looked real (from a distance), others said a bit unreal or in older clothing.

There was more than one employee working late (after hours) alone in the building who reported seeing the woman in white.

We assume it was the ghost of a dedicated nurse, maybe a night shift one, checking on her long-departed patients.

I know a couple of librarians who are still around from those days. If I run into them, I'll ask them for more details. I can't remember if it was a silent ghost, or if anyone ever heard her flitting about.

message 5: by StarMan, Co-Mod Space Snail (last edited Oct 04, 2017 03:59PM) (new)

StarMan (thestarman) | 1826 comments Mod
10 Reads for Halloween:

message 6: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey StarMan wrote: "10 Reads for Halloween:"

Awesome list. I have a lot of those books on my TBR! I won't get to any of them this October, but maybe next year.

I feel like libraries tend to always be one of the first things people think of as haunted. Perhaps it's because they tend to be old, and filled with a ton of history? :)

message 7: by Kelsey (last edited Oct 05, 2017 05:49AM) (new)

Kelsey Does anyone have a favorite book that they've read for Halloween? Is anyone participating in our Creeptastic Book Challenge?


message 8: by Pien (new)

Pien | 446 comments Tell me about this creeptastic challenge please! Sounds good...
And how lovely those old libraries you go to / work at, ours is in a very modern building. I might go ghost hunting at my daughters musical school though :-) That’s a very old building that has been a school and an orphanage.
Never heard stories about it but down here in the Netherlands telling ghost stories isn’t very popular. It might be found childish if you start talking about ghosts.
Has anyone tried a ghost hunt some time?

message 9: by Kelsey (last edited Oct 05, 2017 11:09AM) (new)

Kelsey Pien wrote: "Tell me about this creeptastic challenge please! Sounds good...
And how lovely those old libraries you go to / work at, ours is in a very modern building. I might go ghost hunting at my daughters m..."

If you go to our home page, click "challenges" on the right hand side, and scroll down a bit, you'll find our Creeptastic Challenge! We started it last year, and are continuing it this year. For the month of October, if you participate, you set a goal for yourself on spooky books to read, and then you try to accomplish your goal by Halloween!

That's interesting, about the Netherlands! I wonder how telling ghost stories became popular in America..I feel like, generally, on any given American TV show, there's always at least one scene where there's a group of people sitting around a campfire, telling ghost stories! We also have so many ghost hunting shows. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Kindred Spirits, Haunted Towns, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Brothers, Dead Files, Paranormal Witness, A Haunting, Paranormal Lockdown, Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, Celebrity Ghost Stories...and those are just off the top of my head!

I've tried "ghost hunting" before, but haven't really found anything, and didn't do it 100% seriously. A few nights after my grandmother died, my brother and I, sleeping over in the house so my grandfather wouldn't be alone, tried speaking to my grandmother. This was 5 years ago, so we had some janky old phone we tried communicating on, and we mostly just laughed the whole time. We figured, since my grandmother was very into the paranormal, and had a ton of experiences throughout her life, that she'd be more apt to communicate. We did a recording where we asked questions, and tried to get her to respond, but there was nothing on the recording. I think we only asked three questions anyway :)

The second time, I was with my best friend, and I knew, going in, that we wouldn't really get anything. My friend, Sara, gets very scared, very easily, so she's not the best to go ghost hunting with! Anyway, we drove to Oakwood Cemetery in my town, which is rumored to be haunted. We drove up to the mausoleum that's said to have ghosts in it, and we asked if anything was there (still sitting in the car). I asked if anyone was there, could they knock to get our attention? To our surprise, actually, there was a knock on the back of Sara's car. Unfortunately, she got super freaked out, and we left before we could get anything else.

I'd love to actually go ghost hunting for real! My brother is really into all that stuff too, and we want to go together so badly, but he works nights, and I work days, so we hardly ever see each other. Trust me, I'd love my own reality ghost hunting show! Lol :)

message 10: by Pien (new)

Pien | 446 comments Oh those shows! Since about one and a half year it’s impossible to watch any American show (semi-) legally anymore but before that, I used to watch ghost hunters, ghi, ghost adventures and haunted. Loved them! Although I do believe in the paranormal, I always wonder a bit wether those shows are real though..
My scariest book ever is house of leaves by Danielewski. Although it doesn’t contain ghosts, it freaked me out so much that I still can feel the emotions I had when reading it.
If you want to try it, don’t feel bad skipping sidesteps in the book because there’s many and I think a lot is meant as ‘filling’ in an arty way.
Wow. Good luck getting what I’m trying to say :-)
To call on ghosts, I used a ouija board once with a friend. She had friendly ghosts in the attic, mimicking they’re voices often and sometimes replacing stuff.
We had water, a long prayer, everything set up very responsibly. Then we asked: ghost are you there? And the thing we had our fingers on PULLED us to yes. I knew this was real when I felt that. Then we asked: would you wish to speak to us? And it said no. That was it. After all our preparation. But actually, I was glad. :-D

message 11: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey Pien wrote: "Oh those shows! Since about one and a half year it’s impossible to watch any American show (semi-) legally anymore but before that, I used to watch ghost hunters, ghi, ghost adventures and haunted...."

Oh, wow, I didn't know that! Can you watch any other shows from different countries?

I know what you mean, though! I definitely believe in the paranormal, but they're TV shows, and reality shows, too, so you definitely have to watch it knowing that, probably, most things are faked. I think the majority of us watch it forThe Beetle the entertainment, anyway! Not necessarily as proof of ghosts.

I've never heard of House of Leaves before, but it sounds interesting, and it's got a great rating on Goodreads! Maybe I'll check it out :)

There's only two books I've read that ever scared me, and that was My Best Friend's Exorcism, and The Beetle. My Best Friend's Exorcism wasn't really scary, but it was unsettling. As for The Beetle, it only scared me because there's a description of a huge beetle crawling up someone at night, when they're trying to sleep, and they can't do anything to get the beetle off. That scared me a lot, because I suffer from severe arachnophobia, and that's all I could think of! Spiders crawling on me...ew.

That's interesting! And it sounds like you were very respectful with the practice, too. I know a lot of people who ghost hunt go into it very aggressively, and end up making the ghosts mad.

I tried using a ouija board once, with one of my friends, but we kept asking questions over and over, and the planchette only moved once, and went to three letters, but it made no sense. I think it was like BWF, or something like that. We got bored, and I never used a ouija board after that.

message 12: by StarMan, Co-Mod Space Snail (last edited Oct 06, 2017 02:09PM) (new)

StarMan (thestarman) | 1826 comments Mod
Pien, are you watching TV shows via the Internet directly (eg,, or indirectly (Netflix, Roku box, SmartTV, AmazonPrime Hulu, VUDU, whatever)?

A lot of shows are set to only be legally viewable in specific countries, but there are several ways around that -- legal and quasi-legal. (Don't even think about downloading movies or music using "torrent" software; this is 99% illegal, and the fastest way to get your computer massively infected).

The short and legal solution is a VPN provider (usually $5 to $10/month, though there are some free ones).

A simple thing to try is Opera web browser (free at ), which has a built-in VPN, and may allow you to access some website-based content (,, etc.) that is currently blocked to you. I use Opera a lot... it's very similar to Firefox or Chrome.

If you want more info on VPNs and other tricks, message me sometime... or we can start a new off-topic discussion on TV/movies worldwide if anyone is interested.

message 13: by Pien (new)

Pien | 446 comments Bwf... initials of someone? Or maybe.. Best woman friend? Big white fish? Maybe the ghost was just eating and talking with the mouth full?
Okay shutting up now, sorry. :-)
Yes the Beetle was pretty scary! Especially the start of the story, indeed with that beast just crawling over him and he couldn’t move... You could almost hear, smell and see it happening!
There are a lot of American series to watch here, like 24, the first wife, ncis, and on Netflix even more, but not the tv-shows. They’re probably not found interesting enough. And that counts even more for ‘paranormal mumbojumbo’ as most Dutch would say... :-)

message 14: by Pien (new)

Pien | 446 comments Thanks a lot Starman! I’m going to have a look.
If I don’t get it, i’ll ask you. Great!

message 15: by biblio • bliss, Mod Nerd (new)

biblio • bliss (bookgirl1987) | 1152 comments Mod
This is a great discussion thread. Thanks for putting it up so members can get sufficiently SPOOKED!

message 16: by Michaela (new)

Michaela Osiecki (rozemaiden87) I used to see "things" when I was a kid that people were convinced were just imaginary friends, but I know better now. That ability kind of went away as I got older but I still have experiences here and though - usually closer to this time of year and early May.

My mom is also a sensitive and she has some fun stories:

She lives in a mobile home park and you wouldn't think a place like that could be terribly haunted, but when we first moved in and I was hanging out in the master bathroom I happened to glance up into the mirror and saw someone walking through the bedroom beyond one else was at the end of the place.

My brother used to stay up late playing video games and would often leave his door open, but he stopped doing that after a shadowy figure paused in his doorway and then kept moving down the hall. I probably heard the same entity from time to time at night, because the floor creaked a bit when they went past.

We did have a particularly naughty little entity hanging around, it used to pull the covers off my mom while she was sleeping and neatly lay them on the other side of the bed. She'd wake up freezing. It also grabbed her foot while she was dozing on the arm chair too. Never scared her, it was just annoying I think.

I think what really takes the cake though - my brother and I were standing in the kitchen one night just chatting and as we were about to go to bed (I had literally JUST turned the light off) we heard a very deep growling sound come from the laundry room around the corner - and I'd always had a bad feeling in that room like it was a portal or something.

Next morning I wafted some burning sage in there and told 'em all to kindly eff off and stop bothering us. No activity since. :)

I've got more....but this is good enough for now I think.

message 17: by Pien (new)

Pien | 446 comments Wow Michaela, well done sageing that place! I wouldn’t like growling sounds in the house!
Thanks for sharing those interesting stories!
I used to see things as a child and I think part of my memories are fantasy, but I’m sure the rest of it was real.

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