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Tomás Takes Charge
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young Adult Fic - 2 kids remain secretly in NYC apartment following their dad's death. [s]

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SH | 3 comments Help? I know I read this when I was small. I think the two kids are from a Puerto Rican family in NY - dad dies (?), they don't want to leave home, so they tell people they are leaving to live with relatives then just stay in the locked apartment and live there until things fall apart for them.

Boy is Tomas, I think, sister is slightly older and is agoraphobic so won't leave the apartment. He winds up modeling for a children's book artist, who becomes a mentor, but has no idea that he and his sister are living alone. Eventually I think Tomas falls and hurts his leg while climbing across roofs, and the adults catch on to what has been happening.

Despite my rather grim description here, it's a fairly light story about childhood resilience in the face of obstacles, and I just loved it as a little kid! Now, what the heck is it? Thanks for your help.

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bookel | 2106 comments Tomás Takes Charge (Republished as: Children in Hiding) by Charlene Joy Talbot (1966). A Puerto Rican boy finds a place to live on New York City's lower east side and a way to support himself and his sister after their father disappears.

I have the original hardcover. It is on openlibrary.org as an ebook to borrow.

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SH | 3 comments Amazing! Thanks so much, off to read the eBook.

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Rainbowheart | 16939 comments Tomás Takes Charge for the link.

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