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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Sci-fi/fantasy book. Hero Learns how to sense all living creatures and becomes bound with a symbiotic cloak...Villain also has a cloak

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Andrewjlynch | 1 comments Read this as a kid, was a sequel to another book or maybe even a 3 part series. Hard to post details without spoilers but will try. It will be a book from no later than the 90's.

Plot details that I remember would be the main character was learning about a power he has and he is training with a village elder type character and learns to walk home without disturbing a single living being walking home on the grass at night.

Likely spoilers past here:

He also gets a symbiotic cloak, and physically links with entire planet and they all live out all of his memories during big showdown. Bad guy also has symbiotic cloak.

Tried googling combinations of the above for like 10 years to no avail!

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Andrew, I suggest you edit your subject to be less generic. Add something specific to the book after "sci-fi/fantasy book". You've gotten 33 views but for better success you've got to have a subject that tickles a memory.

Suggested reading: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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Andrewjlynch is still looking for this and wrote:

"Hero also at one point joins himself with the consciousness of the entire planet. We learn something about travelling to this planet in the past with techonology that is lost later on I think? He has a mentor figure who when training makes him walk home while sensing all the living things around him and makes him go home without killing a single blade of grass or worm.

I think the villains symbiote cloak was red. I believe this was book 2 of a series, I read it in the mid 90s I think any help I appreciate! It very hard to try to google search anything with symbiote in the title after Venoms success, and even cloak and dagger the TV show comes up if doing a GIS for "symbiote novel" "

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