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Cassie (thatperson3) | 3 comments YES!! when did you get into K-pop?
I first listened to K-pop in 2006/2007. I was really into BoA and DBSK. I stopped listening for a few years but I got into it with CNBlue and Day6!

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Uhhh last year XD

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Cassie (thatperson3) | 3 comments Eevee [♛] lαcey [♛] wrote: "Uhhh last year XD"

which bands/ groups do you like?

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I really like Shinee and super junior

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 26 comments I love Day6 and Seventeen and BTS and Pentago and EXO and SF9 and Twice and Radwimps and thats all I can remember off the top of my head

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Layla I wanna get back to Koop but it’s so overwhelming

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Why is it overwhelming?

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