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The Girl Who Was Saturday Night
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Theatre Calgary | 28 comments Mod
Good Morning!

Sorry this is coming to you a day late! I was out of the office all day yesterday doing community outreach at Bingo Barn. Sisters: The Belles Soeurs Musical has a great song about bingo in it, so we thought it would be a lot of fun to go out and about to some bingo halls around town and tell people a little bit about the show.

Now, on with our discussion of The Girl Who Was Saturday Night by Heather O'Neill. I've got to tell you, I am loving this book! I feel like the author has given her main character, Nouschka Tremblay, such a unique voice, and I will look forward to reading her other works.

1. This book is full of striking imagery. Early on, one passage stood out to me. "No one sleeps like young sociopaths meditating on the wonders of being themselves." In this passage, Nouschka is describing Adam, a friend of her brother, Nicholas, and her sometimes-lover. However, I want to know if you feel this descriptor could apply to any of the other young people in the book? According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, the defining traits of a sociopath are "violation of social norms, or antisocial behavior." Who else in this book has these traits in their personality, and would you describe them as sociopathic?

2. Do you feel that the circumstances and incidences of Nouschka's life are believable? If you knew a daughter of a disreputable folk singer, so you think she might act like this?

Thanks and have a great week!


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Janet Halls | 8 comments Again! My apologies for not being up-to-date with my reading. However, I just started the first few chapters and am hooked. Hope to have it finished by the weekend and catch up with the discussion next week. Your comments will help me focus. Cheers, Janet

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Theatre Calgary | 28 comments Mod
Great to hear Janet! I'm glad you could join us again :)

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