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message 1: by Ana (new)

Ana (anapv) | 4 comments I saw this post on facebook and wonder if anyone can help:

"Trying to remember a book. One part keeps coming to mind and it's pretty much all I can remember. The h is at a college party with one of her friends. When they get there she is asked to put her keys in a bowl. It's a game they are playing and at the end of the night the guys are supposed to pick a set of keys and that's who they will hook up with. I think the H plays sports. He finds out his friends got her to put her keys in the bowl. He punches his friend and takes her keys if I remember correctly. Seems like he had been trying to avoid her up until this point. Help please!"

I'm so curious to know in what book this happens. If anyone has an idea, please help!!! Thank you!

message 2: by Scarlett (new)

Scarlett | 7 comments I don't know the book. I can't wait for the answer though! Sounds good!

message 3: by Ana (new)

Ana (anapv) | 4 comments Update: they found it!!
It's Left Behind - Vi Keeland

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