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Looking for similar recommendations
Daniel James Daniel James (last edited Oct 04, 2017 07:46AM ) Oct 04, 2017 07:42AM
Hello all!

I'm looking for a book similar to the above, not specifically however.
Ideally I'm after a stranded in a group scenario held up in a small town, village, pub, hotel, spooky mansion type vibe. perhaps during a severe storm of some sort, and they have to band to together to survive. Preferably set within the UK
no issue with genre but either , horror, thriller, suspense, mystery etc.

I've looked avidly but cant seem to quite find what I'm after, your help is greatly appreciated!!

Many thanks fellow goodreaders :)

Wow thanks Patrick! I’m off now to find that very book, cheers!

The Final Winter: An Apocalyptic Horror Novel by Iain Rob Wright

It has the whole trapped in a pub during a snow storm scenario, in a village, with a spooky atmosphere. It's a horror as the title states.

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