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message 1: by Karey (new)

Karey (kareyshane) Do you consider yourself a religious person? What about a spiritual person? Is there a difference between the two? (Question for this thread is taken from the class work book.)

Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews (hugbandit7) I think there is a difference. To me, the difference is that religious follows a set of "rules" or beliefs set down by specific religions while spirtual believes in a bit more but doesn't subscribe to a certain set of beliefs, but rather embraces all or most.

I am a bit of both. While I have a religious faith I follow, I also an intrigued by other faiths and their beliefs and like to learn about them and even embrace some of their beliefs.

message 3: by Kathrynn (new)

Kathrynn I consider myself both a religious and spiritual person. I do not agree with the viewpoint that there should be only one religion and the rest are wrong.

Spiritual, to me, is internal. My innerthoughts, my beliefs in how I walk my life's road.

Can one be religious and not spiritual? Yes.

The phrase "practice what you preach" comes to mind for me here.

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