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Kit (bookqueenkjlg) | 89 comments *Spoilers* (If you didn't read Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus not recommended to read this) Nico is awesome. My favorite character is Annebeth or Nico. She manages with no cool powers but, just her smarts. No one appreciates her enough. Same thing with Nico. Nico is awesome.He is the dark shady kid. But, really he has a big heart. You just need to get to know him like Will did. And, he did lose his sister. And, he had to keep camp Jupiter a secret. Solangelo is awesome!

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Kit (bookqueenkjlg) | 89 comments And, if you think about it. Jason is the half-blood prince and Annebeth's aunt. And, Nico and Percy are also half-blood princes.

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