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Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments This dorm is for Andie (Maya) and Minnie (Abby).

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Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments ((Minnie's side (view spoiler)))

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((Andie's side Instead of the J there is an A. (view spoiler) ))

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Andie walked into her dorm room. She noticed that her roommate's stuff was already on the other side of the room. She wondered who her roommate was.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments ((Im gonna make it so that Minnie recognises Andie from the hallway.))

Minnie walked in and smiled when she saw her new roommate, "Hey."

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"Hi," Andie replied as she looked towards Minnie.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Weve met before, havent we?" Minnie asked, "In the hallway... right?"

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Memories started flooding back into Andie's mind.

"Yes we have," she replied.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Its great to see you again!" She chirped.

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"I agree. I'm glad that we are roommates."

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Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Same here," Minnie said, "Say, did you ever find your sister?"

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"Not that day although I saw her earlier today."

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Thats good," Minnie walked over to her bed and flopped down on it. Rough day.

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Andie sat on her bed. She always enjoyed spending time with her sister.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "So when exactly did you arrive here at BLA?" Minnie asked.

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"I was here last year. Last year was my first year here," Andie answered.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Ok, then," Minnie nodded.

((What should we have them do?))

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((They can talk about what extra curriculars they are in and what they are studying.))

"How long have you been here?"

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Since middle school," Minnie said, "I love it here!"

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"I've enjoyed it here," Andie replied.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Do you take any extra curriculars?"

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"I'm on the volleyball team."

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments Minnie's eyes almost bulged out of her head, "Me too! Oh... yes! I recognise you!"

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"I'm the captain," Andie said proudly.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Yes you are," Minnie agreed, "I cant believe i didnt recognise you!"

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"Don't worry. I didn't recognize you either if I'm being completely honest."

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "But still! Youre the captain! I shouldve recognised you," Minnie laughed.

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"It's fine. Honestly."

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "You have to let me make it up to you," she said stubbornly.

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"It's fine. Trust me. I'm not upset or anything."

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Well, yeah, but..." Minnie didnt finish the thought.

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Andie decided that she needed to change the subject.

"What classes do you have," she asked.

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments Minnie shrugged, "Well, most of them, actually," she checked her watch, "I was actually about to go to the coffee shop to study in a few minutes."

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(( I currently have a roleplay going at the coffee shop.))

"Oh.. well maybe we can hang out again sometime. I would come except I promised the gym teacher I would help set up the nets for our game later today."

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Oh, ok," Minnie nodded, "I guess ill see you around."

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"Wait.. I'll see you at the game tonight right?"

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments "Of course!" Minnie grabbed a few text books, "Bye!"

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"Bye," Andie replied.

((Want to roleplay them in the gym if it is free?))

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments ((Sure, can you check to see if its open?))

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((I checked. It's free. You post first?))

Abby ~Sign Please~ | 966 comments ((I cant right now. Would you mind posting?))

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((Ok. I'll post.))

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